Fortnite Patch 15.5 Details, What’s New, Fixes Guide

The final update for season five is being pushed out to Fortnight today, update 15.5 brings a number of changes to the table. So let's check out what's new in Fortnight Update 15.5.


Let's take a look at all of the cosmetics that are coming in the new 15.5 update.


The Lazar Beam icon series bundle is the key highlight from this update as well as a few other skins like the Cypress Nell, the Haze Reactive skin, the Centurion and the Marigold skin which is actually the female Midas.


There's also a couple of bundles that are hitting the store including the Marigold skin bundle. It looks like the Zero Point is destabilizing.


Fortnite, Patch 15.5 Details, What’s New, Fixes Guide

New sounds have been added to the game after the 15.50 update that would suggest something is going deeply wrong. This is obviously to get ready for the end of season event.


As for the technical patch notes the Hand Cannon has been revolted.


There's a new island sizing creative and support for localized featured creative hubs.


The Rift Fish and Jelly Fish have been re-enabled as well as a new portal being added which has the code name portal_smallfry.


The Egg Launcher and RAPID FIRE SMG have been re-added to the game.


Now, there are new Limited Time Modes (LTM) and one of them is Classic Loot where classic Battle Royale Luc comes to the new island. We're also getting the Floor is Lava Disarmed LTM which appears to be a twist on the fan favorite where players are not given any weapons to shoot with. There's also a new bodyguard. in your squad one person is a designated VIP and you all must protect him at all costs. When the VIP dies the entire squad is then out. The VIP is marked on the map for others to potentially come over and kill.


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