How to Have a Safe Base in Valheim?

In this article, we’ll show you the best methods to keep your base in Valheim safe, and some are going to surprise you.


With these methods, no monster, be it through the terrain or even flying, will be able to get even close to your base:


Setting up Workbenches

As you well know, monsters will not approach within the radius of our workbench, so if you surround your entire base with workbenches, no enemy will be able to enter and therefore, you will be totally calm whatever the time of day.


With a Decoy

If you want to mislead the enemies while you organize, and so that you have time to be able to attack them by surprise, you can always build a cage of Gray Dwarves and trap one of them inside, and you will see that when nearby enemies enter your base, they will go straight for this lure.


With an Army of Wolves

It's as easy as capturing a pair of wolves in the mountains, then taming them by pouring raw meat into an enclosed structure, and then waiting for them to breed.

The good thing about the wolves that are born is that they will never disappear and therefore, if we manage to reproduce them, they will stay forever in your base protecting it since they will attack any enemy that enters.


Harnessing The Leeches Of The Swamp

This strategy is very interesting, since we can basically take advantage of the leeches in the swamp water. To do this you must excavate a speck, to connect the water of the swamp with the water of your base.

When making the connection, you will see that the leeches of the swamp will spread to the normal water of your base and therefore, will serve as a protective line against all the enemies that enter it.


Using the Windmill Blades

The windmill is used to make Barley flour, but you can also observe that the mill blades also kill mosquitoes instantly.


So you could build a bunch of windmills around your base to get rid of all mosquitoes. However, these windmills require the Workbench.

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Using Unbreakable Items

And finally, one of the most effective methods is to build your base or at least your main house up high, on a material that is unbreakable. So just place a beam on top of a Rune stone or any other indestructible item and build and you'll be safe from enemies.