Is Maxis Operator Bundle Worth it? Black Ops Cold War

Maxis Operator Bundle is now available in Black Ops Cold War and Call Of Duty War Zone.

In this bundle you'll get the Dark Aether for Maxis skin, the Z-74U submachine gun Charlie blueprint, the Neutralizer shotgun bravo blueprint, the Maim & Tame finishing move, the Ominous Glow calling card, the Death Rider emblem, the Zombie Bunny charm and the Green Reaper sticker.


For 2400 CoD points I'd say it's a decent and worth bundle if you're a big fan of the Zombies storyline. Besides, Samantha Maxis is a must-have operator in your arsenal.


The blueprints are okay but they're for two very popular weapons so I'm gonna assume that most of you have the attachments unlocked for those two weapons.


Maxis Operator Bundle, Is it Worth, Black Ops, Cold War

Although, the skin that comes with the Z-74U is very nice, I wouldn't say she's got too much audio in game when playing with her other than the usual grunts and groans that come with climbing over things or being shot.


It's definitely something that those who have enjoyed the Zombie storyline over the years can appreciate and the final execution move is certainly a treat to behold.