Magic Legends: How to Add and Play with Others

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to play Magic Legends with your friends.


 So let's get started, first you do have to play the game for a couple of hours and get to the second zone and the Rise of the Cabal quest. You can invite your friend during this mission but you can't play together until you go to the Seven Sisters and once you load into there you will be able to playing co-op like you can see your partner once you complete the mission, you will be in the world together and you should be able to see your friend and they will appear on your left side screen.


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They block a lot of text but hey it's a beta and yeah they will be in any of your worlds that are not private. So if they are private basically the best way to tell that is to open your map and see if there's any green circles on the map, green circles are other players. If there's not then it's probably a private instance that you guys are gonna have to do alone before you can regroup. If you can't see each other and there are green circles on the map, both you go load back to the Sanctum or whatever it's called and you should be able to see each other there and from there you can travel to areas together and play together.