Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Extra Monster Parts Quickly?

In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we are going to share with you our really optimal way of getting extra monster parts very quickly during your hunts by using the game's new mounting system in Monster Hunter Rise. So we're going to explain and break it down for you, so that you can repeat it in your hunts.


So first things is that I need to explain a few things to you during each of your hunts up to three Shinies that yield monster parts can drop from each monster, while attacking it with another monster that you are mounted on. So with this technique you can easily, quickly and reliably with a little bit of practice cycle through mounting each monster on the map and get three shiny drops from all three monsters that are active during your hunt.


To do this you will however, want to be using your weapon's most powerful silkbind move that deals the most of the blue damage numbers as this color represents mounting damage in Rise.


I personally like the Hunting Horn and the Earthshaker switch move which uses two silkbind and has a very long cooldown is really great for getting mounts and does it in even just one single hit on a monster. However, as I said it has a long cooldown, so make sure to practice as if you miss you will have to wait by that monster until they recharge.

Do remember that picking up an extra Wirebug while out on the hump will also be very helpful as while you're mounted the extra Wirebug will let you evade cancel one extra time or launch the monster one extra time.


So let's use Legombi hunt as an example: our target is of course Legombi, so we will be starting off by instead running to Great Izuchi first we'll use our powerful silkbind move to get them out as quickly as possible. In our case with the hunting horn it's just one single hit. We will then mount him and run over to Legombi. Our target monster will then attack him three times evade cancelling after the first initial hit as that is when the shiny material will drop. Repeat this three times until all three Shinies have dropped and then we will be launching Great Izuchi into our target monster Legombi making him then mountable while he is in this mountable state it can be really hard to pick up the Shinies on the floor. In multiplayer hunts your friends can pick them up while someone mounts.  However, in solo hunts you will need to go back and pick those up later. However, don't worry they don’t despawn for a very long time. Then mounted the second monster, our target monster of the hunt run to the third monster which in our case is Khezu and repeat the process of attacking and evade cancelling until all three Shinies have dropped. You will then want to repeat once again by launching our target monster into our third monster which is Khezu. In this case that third monster will then become mountable and we then have two choices: we can either run that monster back to the first mounted monster which for us was Great Izuchi and repeat the process of hitting him three times evade cancelling to get the three shiny drops or if you don't want parts from that first mounted monster which in our case is Great Izuchi. So I'm going to leave him be and instead I'm going to attack and use the Mounted Punisher on our target Legombi. So that the quest can be completed as quickly as possible.


Monster Hunter Rise, How to Get, Extra Monster Parts

So depending on if you run back to the first monster you are yielding an extra six to nine Shiny monster parts from three different monsters in every single hunt that you do and this will really add up. If you do this in each and every hunt during your play through in addition to the extra materials that you're going to be gaining to make your weapons and armor sets even faster. You're also leaving your target monster wounded and knocked down for yourself or your team to then follow up by attacking and completing the quest quicker.


You're literally getting extra monster parts as well as faster and easier hunts by doing this at the beginning of each hunt that you go out. It's an absolutely awesome way to start your hunts by getting that extra loot and damaging your target monster.


So I thoroughly recommend that you try implementing this into your play style and doing this at the beginning of your hunts and you'll find that your item box is filling up with monster parts in no time.