Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Your New DLC Items?

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to get your new DLC content in Monster Hunter Rise.


Let's get started, after you open the game a little pop-up message will tell your DLC is around. You have to then speak with the mailman twice, second time you speak to him the add-on content thing will be available.


Basically, it'll say “There's no new add-on content to download and then it'll say here's how you claim your stuff. So click on all of it or whatever button. It is on the pro controller.


After you've claimed it all, head back to the item box. Now, the armor you get is Layered Armor which means it's not actually going to change your stats it just changes the appearance. So you can have whatever armor you own while looking whatever way you want.


Click the Layered Armor and from there you can click the DLC Armor and equip that, if you want again it will not do anything to your stats it just changes your appearance. From there you can also change your appearance because you should get some DLC hair. Basically, when you go to the hairstyle click the type, the yellow one that is the hairstyle, that is the DLC


Monster Hunter Rise, How to Get, New DLC Items,

If you played the demo and got items for that that will just be in your item box. You can equip those before hunt.


You can find the Pose Sets in the menu there, they are just to take pictures with. They don't really do anything else.


Lastly, you should have a couple of your buddy things your pets head to the buddy plaza and when you are there look for the buddy board and from there you can basically change the Layered equipment of your buddies as well Layered armor settings right down there.

Those are just collars but down the line when you get some different armors that's how you change it as well. Click from the layered armor box and make it easier.


That'll be most your DLC.