Samsung Galaxy A72 or A52 Which One Should You Buy?

The Galaxy A72 as well as the A52 has been in the news for quite some time now. Recently, we got our very first real look at the Galaxy A52 revealing the actual design. Also, we've got some inside news about the A72. A Twitter user named Abu Faisal posted some high-quality close-up photos of the handset.


To be clear, the exterior design of the Galaxy A52 and the A72 is identical.


So this is exactly how the Galaxy A72 will also look, albeit it will be 0.2" bigger diagonally.


Samsung Galaxy A72, Hands On, Image


To be honest, the handset in the black color resembles the Galaxy S21 Ultra quite a lot with those beautiful camera rings as well as the matte black finish with the difference being one is made from glass and the other is plastic.


Also, he shared what exactly you'll get inside the box at least in Saudi Arabia.


Charger, USB C cable, a silicone case, a sim ejection tool, and the phone itself. The charger you'll get is 15W while the phone itself can support charging up to 25W. There's a huge difference in charging speeds between 15W and 25W, so if you want to charge it faster you need to buy the 25W charger separately.


Anyway, let's talk about the features that Samsung is bringing for the very first time on their midrange Galaxy A series of devices.


First up, Stereo speakers. Both the Galaxy A72 and A52 will have stereo speakers one at the bottom and another at the top. Not only that, it will also have Dolby Atmos for that surround sound experience. Stereo speakers aren’t as common as they ought to be, perhaps due to the trend of bezel-less phones. You can find it on almost all of the flagships today, but it isn't so common in mid-range devices. Stereo speakers make a significant difference to the audio quality. So this is actually a big deal.


The second feature is the space zoom. Yes, the Galaxy A72 will have a space zoom feature for up to 30x zoom. It's possible due to the integration of a 3x optical zoom camera which is also a first for a Galaxy A device in many years.


Unfortunately, since the Galaxy A52 5G doesn't have any optical zoom lens, the zoom capability is only limited to 10x on the handset.


Furthermore, both the Galaxy A72 and A52 will also have support for Snapchat lenses built right into the stock camera app, in addition to first-party lenses.


A total of 21 lenses will change regularly, out of which 9 will be from Snapchat. Samsung calls this feature Fun Mode.


Both of these two handsets have night mode something already available in their predecessors.


But since the A52 and A72 have optical image stabilization built in this time, the shutter speed has been increased by up to 4 times for brighter and detailed night photos.


Anyway, here are the detailed specifications of both the Galaxy A72 and A52.


Samsung Galaxy A72, A52, A52 G Specs, Official

With features like 120Hz refresh rate, Stereo speakers, space zoom features, optical image stabilization, improved night mode, bigger batteries, and 3 years of Android updates, 4 years of security updates.


The Galaxy A72 and A52 are the biggest year-on-year upgrades for an A series phone in the lineup’s history.


Even with these upgrades, Samsung is expected to keep the prices the same as last year.


If this accidental listing from Samsung is any indication then the handset will be unveiled on March 17th and it might go on sale on March 26th.