Should I Buy New Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold Phone?

The Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold, the world's first liquid lens phone is finally available to buy.


When foldable phone were finally made official in 2019, there were two types of approach to this new form factor either inward fall with the screen closing in on the user or the outward phone with the display side bending backward away from the user. Samsung chosen inward folding design for the original Galaxy Fold while companies like Huawei took the outward fold approach for their first two foldable phones the Mate X and Mate Xs. As is the case whenever two philosophy emerges each side had its supporters and detractors. In the tech media a lot of us here preferred Samsung's inward fold approach because the flexible screen is protected when folded but there are quite a lot of people including some big YouTubers who prefer the outward fold style because it looked good from a visual point of view but mainly because they didn't like the inward full style required a second smaller screen on the outside. Huawei's consumer boss Richard Yu had even criticized the inward folding approach of Samsung during the mobile world congress 2019 “saying that it's a bad design as it needs a second screen but last month with the Mate X though Huawei has conceded that the inward fault style is the superior way to fold as the Mate X2 is a total rip-off of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with a bigger screen inside and a second screen outside that falls inwards.


Today, Xiaomi has also unveiled their first ever foldable phone, Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold, the mimics fall with an inward folding design as well just proving that Samsung had the right folding idea all along Xiaomi's cutting edge mimic series is back but this time in the form of foldable. Although, the MIX Fold looks like a total rip-off of the original Galaxy Fold except for a bigger screen outside but it is packed with some innovative features.


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So much so that the folding display may not even be the most interesting component on the phone.


First up is the first phone with a liquid lens camera technology that mimics the human eye they're using it on the telephoto camera. It's made out of a flexible film filled with transparent liquid can change its shape just like the lens in the human eye, thanks to a precision motor.


The lens offers 3x optical magnification and has an 8 megapixel sensor sitting behind it. The advantage of the liquid lens over traditional design is the ability to focus at just 3cm for macro shots as well as focus on distant objects for zoom shots.


The inner display has no cutout for the camera and it's 8” big, Xiaomi claims is the biggest display on a foldable Smartphone. Although, Huawei may disagree with this.


Xiaomi has also enabled a desktop mode with multiple resizable windows to take advantage of this big display. The external display measures a 6.52” with 27: 9 aspect ratio which is quite long. Interestingly, the outer display has a 90 Hz refresh rate while the inner one has only 60 Hz. Also the outer display has chunkier bezels.


Xiaomi says the phone is available for around US$ 1500 in China.