Tactics to Defeat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise

In this guide, we’ll show the best strategy to defeat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise. He is a terrifying creature and in the game he is no joke. You have a very short time, 15 minutes and he hits like a Megaton truck. In fact, he hits like a truck being driven by a Deviljho and in the back of the truck is a Basel Geese, Zorah Magdaros and every single damn massive elder dragon you've ever seen. He hits hard, he's gonna shot you with some of the moves and basically, you're gonna die a lot but in this guide, we wanbt to give you some strategies to beat Magnamalo.


So our first tip is to take full advantage of hellblight. now it is a new blight in Monster Hunter Rise that comes specifically from Magnamalo and initially on the surface it behaves in a similar manner to blast in that you basically get it applied to you and then if you don't sort of shake it off it'll explode and it'll deal some damage. So you might think to yourself hold a minute that sounds like blast where this differs. However, you can actually use this offensively to your advantage. Now, obviously if it's applied to you, you can just roll like you would any other blight and get rid of it. But if you want to use this to deal some damage what you want to do is if you Wirebug dash, you will not only get rid of the blight but also you will actually leave a Fire Orb in the map and if Magnamalo collides with this it will deal damage. It deals a flat 50 damage in the demo but more importantly and the reason you want to take advantage of this is because the very first time in the hunt he collides with this, it is a guaranteed knockdown. No matter how angry he is, the first time he hits this he will get knocked over which of course from a damage point of view gives you an amazing window. So to use this properly what you want to do is of course if you get hit by hellblade and you have that purple flaming icon above your health bar what you want to do is make sure you have a Wirebug charge, put your weapon away, this does not work if you use silkbind moves you have to put your weapon away and you then want to dash with your Wirebug. In doing so you will see that you lose the blight and it's left behind. Now, you can just place this like a mine somewhere in the arena. But if you want to get the most out of it what you really want to do is trying and read Magnamalo and sort of anticipate him about to jump forwards, drop it in front of him, he'll hit it, get knocked over and you can use that for damage.


Tactics, Defeat Magnamalo, Monster Hunter Rise

So tip number one use hellblight for that guaranteed knock down.


Our next tip is to take advantage of blast toads in a very similar manner to hellblight. If you can find blast toads on the map, there is one located near the very top of the map on the way to basically where he spawns but you can also find them in different locations. Don't forget you can check the map to find out where they're located. Blast toads in a similar manner to help blights will also guarantee a knock down on Magnamolo. Now, keep in mind you do need to place them and account for the time they take to explode. So you do want to use this sensibly. I would suggest waiting until he either performs a move where you know he is not going to move for a moment or maybe just wait till he's jumped somewhere and you've then got that opening. But the point is if you place down a blast toad again it's guaranteed knock down giving you plenty of opportunities for damage.


Our next tip is to make sure you grab the additional traps from the base whether you're playing solo or whether you're playing in a group. Being able to lock him down in traps is of course again another fantastic opening for damage but more importantly it is also a good way to slow him down because he does get pretty angry and he gets what we like to call the zoomies he basically runs around like a madman. So if you use the traps in that situation it is a good way to basically keep him locked down and obviously if you're playing a multiplayer like we have been then you can sync up with everybody and basically just keep him locked in place for quite some time. So definitely take full advantage of those spare traps.


Our next tip is to take full advantage of the Thunderbeetle. Of course some of the new endemic life located around the maps they allow you to inflict elemental blight on monsters and the Thunderbeetle is the one where when you throw it on the monster then any attack from your weapon will deal KO damage to the monster's head. So even if you are a blade master and you're using something like a long sword dual blade something that doesn't necessarily do KO damage from which regular hits.  This will allow you to stack that KO damage and of course if you use this in conjunction with something like a trap put him in a pitfall trap then throw this on him and then wail on his head, you should be able to get a guaranteed KO at least once during your hunt and of course if you do this in a trap it stays down for a pretty long time giving you again another great window for damage.


Our next tip is to use the Snow beetle - this one you'll find near the beginning of the shrine ruins. This one is great because when you apply this blight to Magnamolo or to any monster it will slow them down and again if you go back to what we mentioned above when he gets the zoomies and he goes basically like vibrant flaming pinky purpley, then he starts getting real aggressive and a lot of moves will just wipe you out. So if you throw this on him during this stage it will slow him down, some of the animations will not be quite so fast so it gives you good windows for damage, good windows just to escape. If you happen to get hit you might not get combo quite as quickly.


Our next tip is of course when you're actually in the fight you want to be focusing on the glowing parts of his body, whether that be his arms, his tail or if he's knocked over his back and also at times his face. If you can deal enough damage to these locations in a similar manner, to say when you were fighting Nergigante if you don't enough damage to his spines and you broke them, it would also knock him over. Similar thing to Magnamalo, they do take quite a lot of damage so you might be wailing on them for quite some time. But if you focus on the flaming regions on him then while it does put you in harm's way, it does also set you up for another potential knockdown.


Our next tip is to take full advantage of the mounting and the Wyvern Riding in the demo. Don't forget that of course if you do happen to Wyvern Riding on a monster you can then deal damage to another monster and in this demo there is Mizutsune and Rathian in the map. So it may well be that when Magnamalo is moving around he may well go into an area where another monster is located. If you don't happen to use either the Puppet Spider or just he happens to attack them, then you can often jump on the back of something like Rathian or a Mizutsune to use them to deal some additional damage to Magnamalo. Some of the damage you can do from some of those attacks is pretty meaty. So don't sleep on this.

Our last tip is of course if you are struggling then do consider taking a moment at the beginning of the hunt to get some Spirit Birds and also the Adamant Seed located very near the beginning of the map. There is an Adamant Seed which you can of course use to bolster your defense and then while you don't want to spend too long collecting things because of course you do not have too long in this quest, you only have 15 minutes, if on your way to Magnamalo you can take a sensible detour then you can pick up a few defense health and attack Spirit Birds to again give you a better chance.


So for the time being that is it, hopefully these tips help you take on Magnamalo in this demo.