Valorant 2.04 Patch Update Details, What’s New, Fixes ACT 2

With Episode 2 Act 2 going live in Valorant, it means there's a new update to download. So in this article you’ll find what’s new and fixed in the latest Valorant Patch 2.04. 

The biggest content drops in this new patch are the brand new Battle Pass which will cost 1000 Valorant Points and the new agent Astra, the new Battle Pass will bring gun buddies, sprays, weapon skins and variants including the cavalier and Prism 3.


One of the biggest focuses for this patch is to target bad behavior in games in particular they're targeting AFK players and chat based offenses those who go AFK both in-game and pre-game will be much more severely punished than before. For those who like to spam a few choice words into the chat they'll now also face much more harsher penalties.

Text moderation has been revamped in over 11 languages making sure that no one is exempt from this kind of punishment.

Valorant 2.04, Patch Update Details, What’s New, Fixes ACT 2

Competitive ranks are being changed up slightly you'll no longer be lowered at the start of a new Act.  If you're immortal or radiant your points will be reduced by 90. Current radiance will be put back into a mortal due to the new requirements for radiant per region.

You can now queue with a wider group of ranks at lower ranks.

Here are the new ranked ratings for your region: 

Latin America and South Korea: 100 RR

Brazil: 200 RR 

North America and Asia Pacific: 300 RR 

Europe: 400 RR 

Bind Teleporters have now been locked open, so players won't be able to camp inside after taking a strong map position. It now looks like the bind pick rate has been evenly weighted with other escalation maps. It also looks like Riot Games are improving the agent voice overs. This means that those that don't have Mics or would rather not use the in-game communication features will have more options. So if you're someone who uses the agent voice-overs to convey what you're trying to say or what's going on in the game you're in luck

Instead of generic phrases like spike spotted or enemy spotted you'll now get more specific things such as spike spotted at B.

Valorant has also managed to improve the client frame rate by 3% on average for medium to high spec machines in 10 player games.

So what do you make of the new update let us know in the comments down below: