Warzone Patch 1.33 Details, What’s New, Fixes Guide

A surprise update has come to Warzone, patch 1.33 dropped in the early hours of the morning and people were wondering what exactly was changed.

Patch 1.33 was a very small update, in fact for PlayStation users it was less than 300 MB in size and for Xbox users was about 800 MB. However, PC users had a little bit more to download in that they had 2GB in their update.


So what was this update all about? Well, you're gonna be disappointed as it was a pretty, pretty bland update. Raven Software confirmed that they addressed the issue with some of the Reactive Blueprints in the game while no official patch notes have been dropped quite yet, Raven Software were actually linking back to their 1.32 patch notes for some reason.


Warzone, Patch 1.33 Details, What’s New, Fixes Guide

They have also mentioned that another update is coming on later this week. They've informed us that they're looking at the connection issues in Warzone. A lot of players were getting Dev Errors in the past few days and it looks like they're going to be trying to fix those for this next update. Not only that but also we're expecting a bunch of the suppressors to get a fix in the next coming days.


When Season 2 arrives, the agency suppressor received a Nerf that made it almost completely useless.


The idea of this update was to bring it more in line with Modern Warfare's monolithic suppressor but it seems like Raven Software went a little bit too far down the spectrum and they will be looking to revert that in this next update.


While we haven't got a confirmed date we're expecting it to be on Thursdays this is usually when game setting and playlist updates arrive in the game.