What will Samsung Reveal at Galaxy A72, A52 Unpacked Event?

We're just a few hours away from the Samsung Galaxy Awesome unpacked event where we are going to see the Galaxy A72 as well as the Galaxy A52 being unveiled officially to the world.


We already know literally everything about them so I don't think we are going to see anything new at the Unpacked Event.


To further spoil Samsung's opening ceremony, Evan Blass shared the last bit of information about the handset in the form of official marketing material that reveals a wide variety of features pertaining to both the Galaxy A72 and the A52.


First up, Samsung says the new Galaxy A comes with a brighter 800 nit AMOLED FHD+ display. It means both the A72 and the A52 have the same level of brightness, although it's not as crazy bright as the Galaxy S21 Ultra which can go a massive 1300 nits but still, 800 nits is bright enough for outdoor conditions.


Next, Samsung reveals that you can take blur-free photos with the A72 and A52. Well, that's due to the inclusion of OIS that makes sure not only you get a stable video but it should also improve the low light performance as well.


Samsung also says you don't have to worry about getting water splashes on the Galaxy A72 and A52. Technically with an IP67 rating, you can submerge the phone underwater for up to 30 minutes in a depth of 1 meter. Even though it can do it, I don't advise you to do that, it's one thing to do it with the IP68 rating but if you're having a bad day and water goes inside the phone for some reason, your warranty is void.


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Samsung touts two days of battery life on this thing which is backed by a 5000mAh battery on the A72 and 4500mAh on the A52. Honestly, battery life is subjective, the screen on time one person gets with the handset will not be the same as the next person with the same handset. It depends on what you're actually doing with the phone but either way, you can easily go through all day without needing to charge the phone in the middle even when you're pushing the device to its limits. Since it has a Snapdragon 720G processor which isn't as resource hungry as the flagship Snapdragon 888 chipset, the phone can easily last a day at least.


The Galaxy A72 also has 3 times optical zoom which you can't find on the A52. This 3x zoom can also do 30x Sperzoom similar to the Galaxy S20 FE. It's the first time Samsung is bringing the space zoom feature to its mid-range devices.


Both the Galaxy A72 and A52 will also have Stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos for a surround sound experience.


The marketing materials mention no pricing info but according to the previous information, we know the Galaxy A72 could be priced at $480 and up while the A52 could have a starting price of around $365.


With features like high refresh rate display, stereo speakers, and some flagship-grade camera features, both the Galaxy A72 and the A52 are shaping up to be two fantastic mid-range phones with an incredible ability to blur the lines between the mid-range and premium segments.


Samsung will launch these handsets on March 17, 2021.

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