Xbox Series X/S Best Settings to Increase FPS on Old Games

The new versions of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have got a new update on the software recently, and we have now the new FPS Boost Option. So this option will allow you to run old games at a higher FPS on new consoles. So for now you have Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tail that can go up to 120 fps, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4 and Watch Dogs 2. For sure they're going to release more game to it so make sure that it's compatible and I will show you how to activate this new feature. Make sure that your game now is locked at 60 when it was at 30 before on the previous console.


I went to play the Sniper Elite 4 but I didn't see anything about like fps boost so I was kind of confused because I didn't see also the option in the settings of the Xbox.


So the thing that you need to do is press on the Xbox Logo after that go to your game - press start after that go to Manage Game and Add-On and you will have an option called Compatibility Option - you click on it and this is where you can activate the new FPS Boost feature.


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First of all, your auto HDR - this is already in the Go to Settings so you don't really need to activate it over there and you have the FPS Boost checkbox that you need to click over there. To make sure that it supplies you will need to restart your game and now your game will be at 60 fps.

This feature seems to be checked by default. I looked at my Sniper Elite 4 and the UFC 1 and it seems to be there but it's a little bit weird they should just put it in the ghost settings. So you already have a couple of options like AUTO HDR, Allow 4K and stuff. So I don't know why they didn't do it but maybe it's coming. It will be there in the coming update.


For sure they're gonna release more compatible game to it and also for the people who are lucky who can run the 120 hertz on your 4K TV you can definitely test those games like New Super Lucky’s Tail to see your 120 fps.


So that's about it guys for the FPS Boost option.