Best Settings to Run CoD Warzone Season 3 on Old or New PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 (new update) on Old or High-end PC.


So let’s start with Windows, the first thing that you need to do is to activate the Game Mode. In my previous guide I was removing Game Mode but with the latest version of Windows Game Mode seems really good. Honestly, I did a couple of tests even in Warzone they allocate the best score on my Ryzen processor to the game. So that's really good for me I'm getting better fps when activate the Game Mode. So maybe just do a test on your own if you're getting some stuttering, sometimes it can be Game Mode so remove it but uh definitely test the new game mode.


Next, for the Xbox Game Bar make sure that Xbox Game Bar is at OFF and also don't use any overlay, the discord overlay, AMD overlay and Nvidia overlay and stuff like that.


Make sure that all those capture features also are at OFF.


Background Recording at OFF.


Recorded Audio app OFF.


Another thing that you can do is go to your Graphics Settings and make sure that your Accelerated GPU Scheduling is at ON.


Then, you will need to restart your computer to make sure it's applied.


This will help you a lot for an Old and Mid-range computer but I did not see any improvement on high-end computers but normally you can get 3 to 4% in your fps. So that's a good feature. You need an Nvidia card, the series 1000 and above. I'm not sure if it's compatible right now with AMD they just released like a brand new driver so maybe it is now and you will also need the latest version of Windows.


One more thing make sure that you update your driver Nvidia driver, AMD driver or even Intel driver. It will help you a lot for your fps.


I have a couple of control panel settings that I want to make sure that you guys are using. So first of all, the Low Latency Mode I recommend to use that at ON. So you can reduce the latency when you play the game.


So it's more like the input lag and Power Management Mode make sure that you're using the Prefer Maximum Performance and after that just apply this and it will work.


Next click X to go inside of the game, we will look at the new setting parameters.


So now inside of the game we will start with the GENERAL parameter. A lot of people are asking me the question where I can change my Field Of View? Well it is not in graphic it's in GENERAL settings and I'm playing at 90. So it really depends on your preference.


So now let's go to the GRAPHICS


Display Mode: It’s really important to play Fullscreen don't use anything else, you will lose fps and it's causing also stuttering.


Display Monitor: make sure that you're using your proper monitor.


Display Adapter:  this one is really important for laptop users, sometimes you have like the integrate GPU and you have the GPU and for a reason that on the laptop sometimes the game is taking the integrate video card and you don't know why you're lagging. This is pretty much because of it. So make sure that you're seeing your graphic card there. If you see an Intel integrated video card and you have a dedicated GPU in your laptop just switch it and make sure that you're using it.


Screen Refresh Rate: this one also really important make sure that you're using your refresh rate, I know a couple of players that they have like 144 hertz and they're playing at 60 and they don't even know. So make sure that you're matching your refresh rate there in the drop down.


Render Resolution:  normally just play at 100 so you can play the resolution that you normally use.


So this is pretty much it, I recommend to just play native so if you have like a 1080p screen go with 1080p. If you have 2k go with 2k because sometimes when you downscale you're getting like some blurriness like the image is a bit weird.


Aspect Ratio: go with Automatic.


Sync Every Frame (V-Sync): put this one at Disabled you don't want any input lag so that's why you put that one at Disabled.


Custom Framerate Limit: go with Unlimited


NVIDIA Highlights: Disabled - you don't want to create any stuttering when you're playing.


NVIDIA Reflect Low Latency: go with Enable + Boost, back in the days I had an issue with + Boost I was losing fps. Now, it seems to be fixed.


Streaming Quality: you can definitely go with Normal.

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Texture Resolution and Texture Filter Anisotropic - it will really depend on your V-ram and you have an indication over air so you don't go after the max and also make sure that you have some space don't go too crazy with that.


So if you just have 4 GB of V-ram go lower a little bit with your texture and Texture Filter Anisotropic at Medium. If you have 3GB go with Low and even less than 2 GB just everything at Low.


Particle Quality: if I compare High to Low I'm getting like a nice 4% boost in my fps and also I'm getting less drop in my fps. So this one I recommend to put at Low.


Bullet Impacts & Sprays: I'm using Enabled here because I want to see some when I shoot. You're not losing a lot of fps with this one and it's practical when you play this game.


Tessellation: go with Near


On-demand Texture Streaming: I'm going with Enable.


Shadow Map Resolution: this one if you compare Extra to Low I'm getting like a nice 6% boost over there. So go with Low.


Cache Spot Shadow and Cache Sun Shadow: go with Enabled it will help you a little bit with the stability of the game.


Particle Lightning: go with Low - this one Ultra to Low I'm getting a nice 8% boost.


DirectX Raytracing: don't use any retracing you will destroy your fps.


Ambient Occlusion: Disabled - with Disabled I'm getting a nice 7% boost in my fps.


Screen Space Reflection (SSR): with Disabled I’m getting 4% boost.


NVIDIA DLSS: Balanced - this is a brand new option that you can use. If your DLSS is Disabled and you can't use it you will have the Anti-Aliasing feature. Me normally I was playing at OFF but if you feel that your image you have too much noise, too much line like moving and stuff I recommend go your Anti-Aliasing with the SMAA1X. So your image will be a lot smoother and you will not lose a lot of fps with this parameter and if you don't want any Anti-Aliasing go with OFF. I feel like my image is more clear with the Anti-Aliasing at OFF. So that's why I was playing like that. But back to the new feature NVIDIA DLSS so I don't have any 4K screen or 8K screen so I did a couple of comparison like the Ultra Performance and Performance one and honestly I feel like the image quality was too low for me, too blurry right now I feel like Balance is the best one. I compare Balance with Quality and honestly I didn't see a big difference in my image quality and I was getting 10 fps more with Balance. So I feel like right now Balance is pretty much the best for fps and image quality.


Depth Of Field: Disabled


World Motion Blur: Disabled


Film Grain: 0.00