Best Settings to Run Scavengers Smoothly On Old or New PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Scavengers smoothly on old or high-end PC.


So let's start with the Game Mode, I recommend to use the Game Mode so put your Game Mode at ON and honestly, for my experience I did test the game on two different PC and the best combo is to play the game in DirectX 11 and use Game Mode. When I had like Game Mode at ON and I was trying DirectX 12 I don't know why I'm getting a lot of stuttering. So for me the best combo was DirectX 11 with Game Mode at ON.


After that make sure that your Xbox Game Bar is at OFF.


I don't use any overlay like a discord overlay, AMD, Nvidia and stuff like that. It's slowing your game a lot and it's more like causing stuttering. So don't use that.


For the game capture make sure that Background Recording is that OFF.


Recorded Audio is at OFF.


Next open your graphics settings, make sure that your Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling is at ON. You will need an Nvidia card series 1000 or above to make sure that you have that the latest version of Windows.


After that make sure that you update your driver, make sure that you download the driver directly from the vendor’s website.


Also look at your power plan, energy plan on your computer people who are playing on a laptop make sure that you don't run this game in Echo Mod, you really need to use like Performance or Balance Mode to make sure that your GPU and CPU will go at their maximum of their speed.


So that's about it for windows.


So now inside of the game, let's go to settings: VIDEO


The first mode that you really need to use is the Fullscreen. I was losing like 2 to 3% of my fps when I was trying Window or Borderless.


For your Resolution make sure that you play Native Resolution. So depending on your monitor, for me I'm playing at 1080p.

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 Don't use the Resolution Scaling, it's a bit weird and the game looks very blurry and you will see like pixel and stuff like that when you go under 95. So don't use that just disable and go one to one and change parameter over there. Whatever, you think I'm not using it I am going with disabled. I want the lowest input lag possible but for sure if you have like a free sync g-sync just do your thing and you will be fine.


After that if you have an RTX card from Nvidia you have the DLSS option. Now, I don't recommend Ultra Performance and performance I did a couple of tests and honestly the image quality looks very blurry. So that's why I'm going with Quality. Balance was okay but like I added a difference 5% FPS between Balance and Quality so that's why I'm using Quality to make sure my game looks good. Honestly, I did a comparison between Quality and without the DLSS and honestly it's look almost the same. So it's really good without the DLSS.


After that the View Distance, really depends on your computer. I don't recommend to go too low. In a game like this you really need to see in front of you. So Medium can be a good bet. You're getting 3% Ultra to High and Ultra to Medium another 3% and 2%  Medium to Low. So Medium should be a good spot for you guys.


Anti-Aliasing - if you're using DLSS, it doesn't change. So it should be gray over there. Normally, any game when you're using the DLSS you can't change your Anti-Aliasing. So that's a bit weird that it's still there but anyway, if you don't use the DLSS go something with low. Honestly, I don't like the Anti-Aliasing using in this game. It looks very blurry, so that's why I'm removing it and you're gonna gain a nice 5 to 6% in your fps.

Post Processing - also normally I'm playing Medium or High in games but then in this game I'm going with Low it's weird man like my image quality is very blurry I feel I'm getting some motion blur with the Post Processing. So that's why I'm going to Low with this one.

Shadows - this is pretty much where you can get a lot of fps. It's 2 to 4% for each bracket. So Ultra to Low you can gain like a nice 10% boost in your fps.

After that Textures - this will depend on your Vram on your card. So more than 4GB go with Ultra, 3 GB go with High, 2 GB Medium and less than 2GB go with Low.


After that Effects - I'm playing at Medium, you're not necessarily see a big improvement in your fps when you lower your effect. It's more when you're fighting. So if you feel that you're getting crazy drop when you're fighting it's probably because of Effects so just go with something like Medium it will help you a lot.


Foliage - you can have like a nice 3% boost here with Ultra to Medium, 2% High to Medium and Medium to Low it's like 1%. So that's why I'm going with Medium. I feel that Foliage at Medium is a good spot.


The last parameter is DirectX version. So the API, I'm playing DirectX 11. I'm getting more fps in DirectX 12 but my fps are not stable it's crazy I'm dropping sometimes like 30 to 40 fps. So that's why I'm using the API, DirectX 11.