Find Lost or Missing items in Outriders

In this article we’ll show you a simple method that will help you to get the missing items / legendary, whether it be a weapon or whether it be an armor that you're missing right now.


Now, I do want to give a quick disclaimer guys I actually found this particular method by trying it myself and it seemed to work.


So what you guys need to do is you're going to need to go to your expedition table and take a look at you expeditions. Now, I want you to do a couple things if you are on console that's going to be LT, if you're on PC it's going to be the letter A. So once you click the letter A or the letter LT you're going to get a menu that pops up that says expedition summary. Now, I want you to look at your expeditions and see which ones out of all the expeditions are grayed out. What that means is you haven't completed those expeditions.


Now, based on my analysis it seems to me that if you don't complete certain expeditions some of the loot actually gets locked behind that expedition and that is the reason why you're not getting those items to drop. Now, like I said this is my theory and it's very important that you come back and let me know if this worked for you guys.


Find Lost, Missing items, Legendary, Outriders

Now, does this mean you're gonna get the item you want. No, this just means that item will be placed in the blue pool. So you will be able to get the item when you do it. So basically the way you want to do it is the following way: Let's say you have the first known zone completed you have the alien territory completed but you're missing all the anomaly somersaults. What you need to do is complete all the anomaly storm zones.

Now, it doesn't have to be a Gold Tier completion it just has to be completed. If you haven't done the Eye Of The Storm, you just need to complete it. It can take you an hour to complete it but just complete it.  


Now, if you guys are done completing all of them and all your expeditions are fully completed then what do you need to do is you need to get either a Gold Tier completion or somewhere where you're going to be able to get a legendary. Now, when your next legendary drops or within the next two legendary drops or three legendary drops you should theoretically get either a weapon you've never gotten before or an armor piece you've never gotten before that is the theory behind.