Fix Outriders Won't Run, Stuck and Most Known Issues

Today, is the third day of the launch of Outriders and already some bug issues here and there.  It's very likely that you have some problems maybe with the multiplayer maybe with an internet or server connection, should I say or even more. So you might have a few crashes here and there. In this guide, we’ll show you some really awesome workarounds.


Of course there is a documented thread that tracks all of the currently known issues or at the very least the bigger ones like the stuttering, the crashes, etc… Some of the problems with some of the missions in the game that are causing these problems.


The core components are working as intended but the multiplayer is still listed as partial outage and they even like kind of disabled.


They even like kind of disabled the cross play between PC and consoles, However, the cross-play between the two consoles like the PlayStation 5, 4 and the Xboxes, they still can connect with one another. So it’s better to refrain from inviting over friends from the consoles if you're playing on the PC and vice versa.


On the PC starting issue - it seems that this is in regards to the latest Nvidia drivers which are supposed to actually help with performance but unfortunately it does the complete opposite. So there is a potential workaround that you can apply right now. So if you have the latest game ready drivers installed like the ones that specifically were released for Outriders, it suggested to actually roll back on these and go to the previous version.  They might cause some of the issues that many people are encountering, like the fps drops and even the crashes. There's also an alternate workaround like disabling Ansel, DLSS, VSync, all of this turned off and of course enabling your fps limiter. So that might be one of the possible workarounds and even like playing in the Windowed mode. Though, personally I found that just reverting on those drivers was plenty enough for me.


Now, let's move over to connect between PC and consoles, as I've said just refrain from connecting with people on that but there's another one especially for PC users and chances are that you also encounter this and it's related to Blurry Visuals, there's a setting in the game that might cause that and this is of course in regards to that fps limiter. So if you have any problems with the Blurry Visuals just disable the fps limiter in the settings menu and that should already fix that for you.


Another one which I saw quite a number of other content creators also having is with the UI HUD completely disappearing. So it seems that the team is aware that there's an issue with this and it stops being visible after a while. So there's a temporary workaround which is returning to the game lobby then re-entering the game. Note that the issue may still reappear on a fresh boot. Please also check to see if Ansel has been disabled, if it has please try enabling to see if this helps alleviate these issues. We may get a patch to fix this in the future.


Fix Outriders, Won't Run, Stuck, Most Known Issues

Now, a really nasty issue that exists currently in the game, which I'm not really sure if it's a bug or working as intended is the fact that sometimes when you get key items from enemies to open up the next area those keys can actually fall through. For example: if there's any like spot beneath you that might be inaccessible, yeah you might be in trouble because you can't get that anymore. Well, there is actually a workaround. One of them is to use the auto loot functionality, which should still result in the item being picked up. So what you have to do is to ensure that your auto load filter is set to common and then manually trigger the auto loot which in this case is done either with the button H on the keyboard and mouse or with the down button on the Dpad on your controller and this is also a useful feature for other reasons like for example micro and loot is set to epic and this means that if I die accidentally all of that epic load is being automatically loaded into my inventory or I can press the H key to do so at any point without having to like manually go and take it, which is actually really useful.


Let's also move over to items, since we are on the subject of items especially when it comes to the pre-orders Hell's ranger gear which appears to reduce its stats while leveling it up. So this is in regards to the game balance as it's been confirmed by the team. So Hell's Ranger gear is a bit better than normal level 10 gear. So when you try to level it up or improve its rarity for the first time it will adjust itself by re-rolling stats in line with the existing game balance tables. This is done to avoid a permanently overpowered pre-order weapon and is to avoid a pay-to-win scenario, which makes a lot of sense. So what this means is that for you any level ups or rarity improvements of this gear after the first one will increase stats as expected. So this means that in the long run you're not going to be affected at all.


Now, there is a second one also in regards to the Hell’s Ranger being inaccessible as the stash tab is locked. So this is a known issue. The workaround is to return to the lobby and re-enter the game, which should unlock that stash tab for you.  Personally, I have a different problem with this. The problem is that I have a pre-order version of the game but I did not get a single Hell's Ranger item whatsoever, which I don't really mind too much but you know what at this point it's already too late.  Hopefully, on the other characters or if I create a new character maybe in that situation I will have them again totally. Let me know down below if you're also missing these like I am


On a final note the only thing I want to cover more is another starter / stability issue. So we have just pushed a config update to steam that will ensure that DX11 now launches as intended. Yesterday's launcher was not launching DX11 properly. So the DX11 is the version that the demo was running with. Of course it also had slightly lower performance than the DX12 but it was way more stable. So in order to do that in order to have this version all you have to do is to restart steam to acquire the new config file, which will include a minor download and after you restart just launch  Outriders in DX11 mode from within your library not your downloads. So basically you have to like put a DX11 right there argument in order to make it starts like that. So once you do that it's probably going to fix all of those issues that you had and you're probably going to also go back on the same kind of performance that you also had in the demo, which might or might not be a good thing for you.