Galaxy Book Pro or Galaxy Book Odyssey Which one to buy?

Finally, Samsung has officially revealed the most powerful Galaxy ever with 11 gen Intel core processors and one of the models even debuts the brand new Nvidia GTX 350TI GPU.


Before we talk about the laptops, first let's take a look at what Samsung has done with the software. For the first time Samsung is bringing Quick Share to Windows, Quick Share was first introduced with Galaxy smartphones, giving you that seamless transfer of data and now thanks to Quick Share on windows just like iOS and macOS. You can transfer any data seamlessly from your Galaxy smartphone to your Windows machine without any issue. Not just that, you can also receive phone calls on your laptop use mobile apps thanks to link to Windows and of course have that amazing app sync for all your Microsoft and Samsung apps for the first time.


Samsung is bringing the core essence of their Galaxy software to their Windows 10 laptop. It's like Windows 10 with one UI features embedded. So pretty much if anyone who wants to leave apple's ecosystem this might just be the best alternative.


Now, coming to the laptops we have Galaxy book, Galaxy Book Pro and then Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey which is the most high-end version of the laptop. It comes with a brand new Nvidia dedicated GPU for enhanced gaming performance. As for the Galaxy Book Pro series we have the Galaxy Book Pro, the traditional model and then we have the Galaxy Book Pro 360 that is actually a convertible PC and it's the only model that supports S Pen. Samsung has definitely created a very slim design, it's super premium brand new keyboard with an even bigger trackpad, slim aluminum design which is even comparable to smartphones. No doubt these are definitely Samsung's best and the most premium looking laptops.

Galaxy Book Pro or Galaxy Book Odyssey Which one to buy?

For the display Galaxy Book Pro series brings OLED display to the table is a bright color accurate display with great brightness, other specs include Dolby Atmos Port.


If you want to enhance your experience, you can even connect up to three external monitors and if you own a Galaxy Tab S7 you can use that as a secondary screen. Now, as for internal Samsung is definitely using the best shape that they can use.


When it comes to Windows machine we've got 11 gen Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors making these laptops perfectly capable for gaming and other extensive tasks.


Now, we have seen Intel's 11 gen core i7 processor in other notebooks and it definitely doesn't beat apple's M1 chip but on a Windows 10 Ultrabook laptop this is definitely the fastest chip you can have. So for those who are in this Windows ecosystem, these laptops could be a pretty good deal and especially if you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone you'll have an amazing ecosystem similar to apple.


For the pricing, the non-pro galaxy book laptop actually starts at $549, it's rocking a non-OLED display. Of course, it is an entry-level laptop. Then we have the Galaxy Book Pro series - it comes with two different sizes, it starts from $1000. Again depending on your configuration you can go from there and then we have the most spec styled Galaxy Book Odyssey laptop with the dedicated Nvidia GPU, starts at $1400.


Overall, I have to say Samsung is finally doing something big with their laptops and  smartphone ecosystem and a lot of that has to do with the software but at the same time I'm glad that they went with the fastest Intel chip again. It's not at the level of apple's M1 chip but it's the best you can have on an Ultrabook Windows 10 laptop.