How to Get the Best AR, Earthborn Renegade, in Outriders?

In this guide, we’ll show you a simple method that allows you to get a Assault Rifle with a very high level of damage, and a way to get double the weapon over and over again in Outriders.


In Outriders fans are looking for the best methods to get prized legendary weapons and have a good team. What happens is that the random factor makes it difficult to get a weapon with good statistics.


Therefore, one user has come up with a method to ensure that they get a good weapon in Outriders with a maximum damage level. Specifically, it is the Earthborn Renegade AR, as a trick has been discovered with which you can get an unlimited number of this specific weapon, therefore increasing your chances of getting a higher damage one.


How to get the best assault rifle in Outriders?


The Earthborn Renegade is an assault rifle that came with the Hell's Rangers pack. It was free if you pre-ordered the game, and if not, you can buy it for 6.99 Euros as DLC. If you have the pack, you will find the rifle in your weapons cache.

How to Get, Best AR, Earthborn Renegade, Outriders


To enjoy this Outriders cheat, you must create a new character and advance through the prologue until you reach a trunk. There, move the weapon to the stash, exit the character and delete it. You can repeat this as many times as you want to get more weapons.


When you're done farming the weapons, go back to your main character, or the one with the most resources to level up. The Earthborn Renegade has a starting level 10. If you change the weapon variant to Tactical, the damage level will be reset randomly. Do this until you reach a high initial damage level of more than 360: when you raise it to level 50, you will get a damage level of up to 90,000.