iTest: How iPhone Users Can Experience Galaxy Apps, Features?

Samsung has launched a new platform that lets iPhone users experience a Galaxy device from a web browser called iTest, it installs a web app that opens a simulated Galaxy device home screen replete with apps, settings, the Galaxy Store, themes and messages. It seems to be a lighthearted jab at Apple who by the way, has done a similar thing in the past with Android devices.


The web application allows users to experience the Android interface and feel to some extent. True to its capability, Samsung has been able to replicate substantial features of the Galaxy phone for iPhone users. 


The users of the application apart from being able to browse the Galaxy store are also able to experience the Galaxy camera app.  


There are also simulated phone calls and text messages highlighting different Samsung and Android features.


The Gallery app shows off photos, there are tutorials for the Samsung Kids and Samsung Health apps, and the settings app lets you know about some of the customization features available plus there's a camera tutorial from photographer Logan Dodds that walks through all of the available photography options.

iTest, iPhone Users, Experience Galaxy Features, Apps

All in all, it's a pretty neat web application.  

If you have an iPhone then all you need to do is go to this site and add the web page to the home screen.


Honestly, It's impressive how convincing and well-designed this is. I also got some laughs from the humor they sprinkled in and I think it's smart as it gets the job done of showing an iPhone user how it’s like to use a Galaxy smartphone and what they’re missing out on.