Outriders: What are Expeditions and How Do You access Them?

You will surely want to play the exclusive Outriders expeditions, and in this guide we’ll show you how to access them and how do they work?


As we have said before, expeditions are the final activity in Outriders and are automatically unlocked as soon as you finish the main story.


Do not worry, because the game itself will offer you a tutorial for these expeditions, so that you understand it from the first moment. To access them, simply interact with the expedition terminal that is located in a region called Outriders Camp.


In total we have 14 different types of expeditions and they are based on a difficulty system divided by levels. We will be able to play all these missions alone or with up to three players in your group, and our recommendation is to do them in a group, to be able to revive members.


At first there will only be three active expeditions at the same time, which will rotate with many others, having the aforementioned 14 different ones.


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But there is an exception, because the expedition called "Eye of the Storm" is only unlocked after you have reached challenge level 15 and have collected 40,000 Drop Pod Resources. You don't have to confuse expedition levels with world levels that have been used earlier in history.


What is done on these expeditions?


Basically our objective is very simple: kill all the enemies that come to you in waves within a time limit.


But if you want to be one of the best and get the best rewards you must finish the elimination of the enemies as fast as you can. This is because there are 15 levels of difficulty depending on how quickly the expedition is completed, and up to four reward levels in the form of a gold-type, silver-type, bronze-type reward, and absolutely no rewards.


You need at least an allotted time of bronze to rank up one level, and if you do much better you could go up two levels at once.


Note that as you go up the level of the expeditions, you will receive better loot, but at the same time the enemies will be much stronger.


The reward you receive is the Drop Pods that are, so to speak, the final currency that you can use with suppliers and also to unlock the final boss.


Now you know what Outriders expeditions are, how we can access them and how they work.