Run Rocket League Season 3 2021 Smoothly on Old or New PC

In this guide we’ll give you the best settings to run Rocket League Season 3 smoothly on your old or high-end PC.


First of all we want to make sure that Windows is properly optimized for your game and after that we will go inside of the game.


So let’s open the Game Mode, make sure that Game Mode is at ON, before I was saying that you need to disable it as it was causing a lot of issue and now it's a lot better. They give like priority for your CPU. So which core to use to make sure that you're using like the best core on your CPU to have the more fps. So definitely go with ON if you have some random issue with stuttering. If your computer is old then I recommend to remove the Game Mode just to test that your game is better. I had a lot of issue before with the Game Mode but now it seems to be fixed.


After that the Xbox Game Bar: I recommend to put that one at OFF and I also recommend to like don't use any overlay, so the Discord Overlay and Video Overlay AMD, whatever overlay that you're currently using, make sure that you disable it.


Next Capture Settings: make sure that your background recording is at OFF.


Recorded Audio is at OFF.


If you have a version of Nvidia video card like 1000 series or above and the latest version of Windows you can write GPU in your search bar and open your Graphic Setting and make sure that the Hardware-Accelerated GPU scheduling is at ON. After that you will need to restart your computer to make sure this one is applied.

Another important thing is your GPU driver, make sure that you update your driver with the latest one. So Nvidia, AMD and even Intel, if you're using an integrated GPU on your processor go on the Intel website and download the driver directly from there.


Another thing that I recommend with Nvidia, go to your control panel and in the manage 3d setting make sure that you're using in the power management mode The Prefer Maximum Performance.


One more thing, it's about the energy plan of your computer. Normally, on the desktop PC you don't have an issue you will use the balance energy plan or the Ryzen energy plan but if you're using a laptop make sure that you're using the balance or high performance One.


So now let's go inside of the game. So now inside of the game go to Settings:


Rocket League Season 3, 2021, Run Smoothly, Old PC, New PC


Window Settings:


Resolution: here you need to make sure that you play with your native resolution. So it’s really depend on your monitor.


Display Mode: play fullscreen - you’ll lose 3 to 4% in your fps if you're playing a window and like 2% borderless, so really important to use the fullscreen.


Vertical Sync: don't use this one as it creates input lag.


Basic Settings:

Anti-Aliasing - if you don't mind about your aliasing when you're playing you can definitely disable this and you will have more fps but if you want to use an anti-aliasing, I recommend the FXAA. It really depends on your computer. So if you have like a very old, low end computer then go with FXAA Low. You will loose like 3% fps but you have a nice decent anti-aliasing.


Render Quality - I'm playing at High Quality. You can also go with Quality but honestly you will see that your image quality decrease a lot very quickly. I don't use performance or high performance and if you still don't get whatever the objective that you have like for example 60 fps on an old laptop you will probably need to lower this one but this one should be last resort.


Render Detail - Custom

Frames Per Second - Uncapped but you can lock it if you want if you don't want to use too much resources on your computer.

Advanced Settings:

Texture Detail – this one is really important and not a huge impact, so me I'm going with High Quality. Honestly, if you have like more than 3GB of Vram on your GPU you can definitely go with High Quality, 2GB you can go at Quality and less than 2GB you will probably need to go at Performance.


World Detail – this one I recommend Performance. It's also for your visibility less distraction in your image and it's not really important. It's the world detail and it will give you a nice 6% boost in your fps.

Particle Detail - also go with performance. It's not really important the particle in the game it will not change a lot your image quality and your fps will be a lot more stable. So that's why I recommend to use Performance for this one.


Effective Intensity - go with Low Intensity. Again less distraction, it's not a big thing the one that you really want to use honestly it's the render quality – High Quality.


High Quality Shaders - when you uncheck it, it's crazy like your image quality decrease a lot. So I really recommend to use this one.


You can unchecked all those parameters, they will give you a lot of fps like Weather Effect, Ambient Occlusion, Dynamic Shadows and Bloom.


So this is pretty much it guys for the Rocket League Season 3 guide.