Rust HDRP Backport: How to Get Started Public Beta?

In this post, we’ll show you how to get started with the Rust HDRP Backport public beta. The Beta version of game will be available to play from the Rust Staging client via Steam by opting into the AUX01 beta branch. Please be aware due the nature of changes on the Backport wipes will be frequent and they don't recommend regular play at least until later in the month.


What does this mean? Well, of course on Wednesday April 7th until probably sometime next month you'll be able to test out the Rust HDRP Backport on Steam on a couple of servers. However, it won't be cross compatible with other servers that you usually play on. There'll have to be specific servers running the Staging Branch version especially on this separate beta branch for you to actually play. So you could probably set up your own server and if you're curious about setting up your own HDRP Backport server, make sure to leave a comment down in the comments below:


In this guide, I'll show you how you can activate this Beta Branch on Steam and be ready to Play it on April 7th when it finally comes out for the next month. You should be able to actually play this game on HDRP Backport servers and as they say there'll be tons of updates etc… So don't play it too seriously, if you're going to be testing out again it's a public test.


So to begin, we need to activate the new Staging client on Steam. How do we do that? Well, simply open up Steam to activate this new Beta Branch, simply search for Rust in your Steam library then select Rust Staging branch rather than Rust itself. Right click Rust staging branch - click properties and then head across the beta section and from there you may see it in the drop down already as the HDRP Backport or even a AUX01, the code that we'll be entering if you don't see anything there.


Rust HDRP Backport: How to Get Started Public Beta?

If you only see none there right below it you'll see a block to enter a beta access code. Type in the code AUX01 and hit check code. However, you can’t see it currently it will be available on April 7th, you'll be able to select and download the updated version of the Rust staging client on the specific branch, so after entering the code, click check code it should be activated and if it's not already selected up there from the drop down simply select whatever it'll be called at the time.


When you do select the beta branch there you still need to download and install Rust staging branch which is a full re-download of the game.


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