Why AK-47 is the Best Loadout in Warzone 2021?

In this article I want to share with you my AK-47 build, I think that this has the potential to become very meta and very strong because basically the Cold War AK-47 might be able to perform like the old FFAR did and edge out a lot of submachine guns in close quarters combat. While still being very viable at medium and maybe even long ranges depending on your ability to aim, it's definitely viable in close quarters combat because not only does it have a great time to kill but it has an unusually fast strafing speed.


Now, after some of the attachment reworks that we're definitely going to be taking advantage, you can also take advantage of using code drift or in the store if you're buying Battle Pass or Micro transactions.


The Cold War AK-47 has always had a really fast time to kill even since it was launched but people don't use it because the recoil has been very difficult. However, the recoil has recently been buffed to be much more manageable especially at medium range. Not quite long range but it's a much more reasonable weapon to fight with now and to compare time to kills the Cold War AK-47 will kill in 500 milliseconds whereas the AMAX, TIME TO KILL is a little bit faster at 465 milliseconds. I decided to put that one on there because right now the AMAX is pretty much the king of functional TTK, even if you need a very specific build to get the accuracy out of it it's a great comparison.


When you compare the AK-47 from Cold War to the most popular submachine guns right now, which is the Modern Warfare - MP5 and the MAC 10 you'll see that this actually kills faster than either of them at all ranges, especially in that medium range category after about 15 or 20 meters but even up point blank just up close in their faces it still kills faster and this is pretty much true for all the submachine guns. I do think that the ISO and maybe the Striker with the special ammunition might kill a little bit faster but it kills faster than any of the popular submachine guns at the moment.


So after the buff people know that the AK Recoil went down and most veterans have kind of been trying to use this as a long-range AMAX like weapon, kind of trying to build a new AMAX out of it because it's got the damage and the TTK and the Recoil is a little rough but we can make it work.


I decided to try it out up close, I wanted to see what I could do up in people's faces with this weapon and it was fantastic.


This is what you want to put on your AK-47 you want to use the Ultra Light Barrel to increase your Strafe Speed, 45 Round Speed Mags, the Agency Suppressor, the Raider Stock and the Reflex 1X Sight and you are going to have a very fast paced, very fast handling smg.

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Now, I like the 45 Round Speed Mags because they have no ADS time penalty, they have extra ammunition and I think it's 200 milliseconds faster reloading so little bonuses all around with no apparent downsides.


You can run 60 Round Speed Mags if you want to spray people down a bit more but it adds two frames to your ADS time, which given the fact that we're competing with smgs and cutting corners here I wasn't super comfortable with.


Also the Raider Stock has a couple of interesting effects that I should talk about. It will give you a negative 84 millisecond Sprint To Fire Time, which is much faster and that's 117. If you're doing your Tactical Sprint to Fire Time so you can go from Sprinting to Shooting. This gun way faster with the raider stock than you can with any other attachment and most importantly it gives you +39 Strafe Speed that's going to stack with that Ultra Light Barrel and continue to let you Strafe faster. Now, the downside is you get 60 Wider Hip Fire making your Hip Fire much dumpier and much less appealing but we weren't really trying to hit fire with this weapon. It was more of an ADS and Strafing gun but it's really effective and I think the Raider Stock is just the best attachment for it. Basically, when you've kitted it, it Strafes super fast while shooting. So you can play a little bit quake or overwatch like and back and forth.


Single Side Strafe people you can get a lot of mobility out of your gunfights where you couldn't with a lot of weapons, while you still maintain really good damage over range. You do have bonuses your Sprint Out Time too which is really clutch when you're getting up in people's faces but we already talked about that.


Another benefit is that the Bullet Velocity and Range will of course be far better than any submachine gun and better than you can manage the Recoil for all of the Bullet Velocity and Ranges on. The smgs are going to start falling off after like 15, 20 maybe 30 meters this one will be solid for 50 to 100 if you can control the Recoil. Now, the true downside is that the Recoil is high, it's still not a super low recoil weapon, it's kind of like an AMAX with no attachments and if you put the attachments on there that reduce the Recoil. Ultimately, you're going to slow yourself down. So in order to compensate for this instead of using the Iron Sights, which I found to be a little bit small I decided to sacrifice an attachment and use that big clear like Millstop Reflex 1X Sight to help myself compensate because it's giant, it's clear the dot floats really, you know plainly and even if the gun does kick a lot it's still very easy to track targets with that particular optic and in my opinion you aren't supposed to use this weapon immediate at long ranges. It'll work up close wonderfully, it'll work well at medium ranges but at long ranges I would probably just do a Tap Tap. Like one or two shots at a time. It's not going to spray people down like the M13 or the old Growl or something like that.


So yeah the Cold War AK-47 works really well at a lot of ranges when you hit it for speed you'll Strafe and be more mobile than most people are prepared to deal with and I think it's super strong.


If you don't mind the Iron Sights I minded them a lot, I found that they made me a little bit less accurate but if you don't mind them you can take off the Optical Attachment and put on a Regular Steady Aim Laser, the first one because it has no ADS Penalties and that'll basically fix the Hip Fire. I think it'll still be slightly worse but pretty close to the same but you still have to sacrifice that Reflex Sight which I found a little bit too strong to sacrifice but it depends on your comfort with the weapon and what you're using.