Apple M1 or Samsung AMD Exynos 2200 Which One?

When Apple announced the transition to its own Apple Silicon chips for its new Mac line, few could’ve imagined the extent of praise and plaudit that followed the release of the hardware.


The M1 chip has practically unmatched performance while being shockingly affordable. The M1 chip has put Apple M1 in a powerful position. And while that may be great for Apple, it’s also great for us. Why? Because it serves as added competition that will force Intel to get its head back in the game, which will encourage AMD to keep innovating and, also will force the likes of Samsung, Qualcomm and even Google to make an ARM chipset that could rival this M1 chipset.


And that's kind of what we are hearing today on Samsung's side. There's a new report from a big South Korean publication that claims Samsung is working on its own Exynos-branded rival that’ll be used across even more devices. According to an industry insider, “The new Exynos will offer improved functions, including extraordinary computing power and battery efficiency, by utilizing a 5-nanometer processing technology. It’s good for both laptops and smartphones,”


He mentioned that Samsung will use AMD graphics on this new chipset and will make it available in the second half of this year. Initially, Samsung is expected to use it inside a Windows-powered laptop, but eventually, the chipset use will be expanded to other devices including their smartphones and tablets.


With that said, while I'm happy that there's finally some good competition in the silicon space which will surely benefit consumers but I highly doubt Samsung would surpass Apple's M1 chip in raw power and efficiency. Yes, they might come close to Apple's A-series of chipset in both CPU and GPU judging from the leaked benchmark scores but I doubt they would be able to do that with the M1 chip. And the reason for that is it’s just plain hard to beat a well-designed in-house chip.


Apple knows how to make a great in-house chip. Yes, Samsung has been trying for years with their Exynos lineup, but there’s a problem with theirs.


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Samsung isn't Google or in other words they don’t own Android or Windows, because of Apple’s M1 chip, Apple now manufacturers pretty much everything that goes into their devices. They now design their own software and all of the hardware, including the processor.


While Samsung may manufacturer all of their hardware, they can’t optimize Android as well as Google does or as well as Apple optimizes iOS. So it's going to be hard for Samsung, or Qualcomm to make a chip that could go toe to toe with the M1 but the good thing for these companies is that Apple is still using A-series chipsets on their phones and they aren't quite as powerful as M1 which means this Exynos chipset with AMD graphics has all the potential to be the top smartphone chip available when it launches later in the year.


But then again, the thing that makes the M1 chip great, is that Apple can basically put it into any device that they want to. This chip isn’t only limited to laptops and desktops, meaning that it could also be used for mobile devices.


Now that Apple has put this chip in the iPad Pro, there’s pretty much nothing stopping them from putting this chip in a future iPhone, which could potentially lead to better longevity, better battery life and would place it even further ahead of the competition.


So Apple has made it really difficult for other OEMs to catch up but like I've said this will only make Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel and AMD keep innovating and as a result we as the consumers also win.