Best Setting to Run Days Gone Smoothly on Any PC

In this guide we’ll show you the best settings to run Days Gone smoothly on high or low-end PC.


First, we’ll start with the optimization of Windows. So the first thing that you need to do is to activate Game Mode, make sure that your Game Mode is at ON. This will get you 2 to 3% boost in your fps.


Next, make sure that your Xbox Game Bar is at OFF and also don't use any Overlay.


Capture - make sure that your background recording is at OFF and also your Recorded Audio is that OFF


After that, open your GPU (Graphics) settings and make sure that your Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling is at ON. This will give you a nice 2 to 3% boost in your fps. When you activate that you will need to restart your computer to apply it and you will need like a Nvidia series 1000 or above to see this option and also you will need the latest version of windows 10 to have the GPU scheduling.


One more thing, it's the driver, make sure that you update your driver Nvidia or AMD or even Intel. With this you can get like a nice 5 to 7% percent boost in your fps.


Also in the Manage Settings, make sure that you're using the Power Management Mode - Prefer Maximum Performance and also your Windows Plan make sure that you're using Balance and or High Performance. You want to make sure that your computer will run your video card / your processor at max level.


Now, let's go inside of the game.


I will show you a couple of options that you can change, that will help you a lot with your fps.


So let’s start with the Graphics settings:


Best Setting, Run Smoothly, Days Gone, PC

First of all Window Mode make sure that you're playing at FULLSCREEN.  I had some issue with the FULLSCREEN WINDOWED. I got like some stuttering and I was losing fps. So it’s really important to play at Fullscreen.


After that for the Resolution: make sure that you're playing your native resolution.


Make sure that your refresh rate matches your monitor.


After that VSYNC: if you have a lot of tearing in this game and you don't have GSYNC FREESYNC and stuff like that you can definitely put your VSYNC at ON.


Frame Rate Limiter: here you can limit your frame rate. If you have issue with thermals in your computer, for example you're playing on a laptop you don't want necessarily to render 80 fps when your screen is 60 hertz. So just lock your fps x60 and you will be fine.


After that go to the Graphics:


Field of View: I always play my games at 90.


Render Scale: play at 100, if you down scale this game you will see that the quality looks bad. Like 95 and less than that you will see like blurriness pixel and stuff like that. So don't touch your render scale just modify your graphic parameter.


Chromatic Aberration: you can keep this one at ON.


Motion Blur: Always remove (OFF) motion blur in any game.


Lighting Quality: this one will give you a lot of fps but also change a lot your image quality so if you put this one high to low honestly you can get like a nice 10 to 12% in your fps. So this will give you a big boost in your fps.


Geometry Quality: I recommend MEDIUM - High to Medium I'm getting like 4% boost and Medium to Low I'm getting 1%. So that's why I'm going with Minimum with this one and it's pretty much the same thing with Foliage Draw Distance. If you are in your motor cycle and you're getting like some stuttering maybe you should go at Low with your Foliage Draw Distance but normally at Medium you should be fine.


Shadow Quality: this one will give you a lot of fps. So if you compare like High to Low you can get like 10 to 12% and also you will see it when you move in the game when you're walking and you're using your motorcycle. Also you will see that your fps will be a lot more stable.


Cloud and Fog Quality: this one I recommend to keep at Medium. I did a comparison between High, Medium and Low and Medium is a good like middle ground. When you go High to Medium you're getting like 3 to 4% in your fps, Medium to Low it's like 1%.


 Texture Filter Quality: This one really depends on your VRAM, if you have 4GB of VRAM and more on your video card go with Very High, if you have 3GB go with High, 2GB go with Medium and less than 2GB go with Low.


Finally the Texture Streaming Quality: stay at Medium.


After that you have HDR, if you have like an HDR screen that's really rare that we're seeing some parameter like that. So you can change your brightness, your peak brightness. So it's not necessarily like you will get more fps but it's a nice adjustment that you can use if you have an HDR screen.