Best Settings to Run CE Isle of Siptah Smoothly on PC

In this guide, we’ll show the best settings to increase FPS and run Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah smoothly on PC.


So first of all, make sure that your game mode is at ON.


Next, make sure that your Xbox Game Bar is at OFF and also make sure that all those overlay like Discord Overlay, AMD, Nvidia and stuff like that are at OFF.


For the Capture, make sure that the Background Recording is at OFF and the Recorded Audio is at OFF.


Next open up the Windows Graphics Settings and activate the Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling, then you need to restart your PC to make sure that this setting is applied. This will give you nice 2 to 4% increase in your fps.


Now, this game is running on DirectX 11 so go to Manage - Browse Locale File – then in the search bar write .exe and search for it. So you will need the execute for Conan Exile. So the one that you need is the one with 104MB (ConanSandbox) right click on it - click Properties - go to Compatibility - make sure that Disable fullscreen optimizations is check and then go to Change high DPI settings and make sure the Override high DPI scaling behavior is checked. This will help you with your fps and also you will have less stuttering.


Next, make sure that you have the latest driver from Nvidia, AMD or even Intel.

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Next, make sure on Windows you're using the Balance or the High Performance in your energy. If you have like an AMD or Nvidia card you can go to your control panel and go to Manage 3D Settings and make sure that the Power Management Mode is at Maximum Performance. You just want to make sure that your CPU and GPU will run maximum when you play a game like this because you don't want to limit your hardware.


Now, let’s optimize the parameter inside of the game to make sure that you have most of the fps that you can get.


Now, let's go to Settings - Video - Window Mode - make sure that you use the Fullscreen. In this game just play full screen you will have more fps and also you will have less stuttering.


Resolution - use your native resolution.


Motion Blur - you don't want to use that, it's an effect that I don't use on any game.

Volumetric Fog - if you uncheck this you can get like 4 to 6% boost in your fps.


Vsync - don't use it as it creates a little bit more input lag.


Vertical FOV - put this one at 74 and Horizontal FOV at 90.3 - do some tests but you will see an improvement if you lower this.


Max FPS - Uncapped


Low End Laptop Mode - Unchecked - so you can change the other parameter.


View Distance - Medium.


Post Processing - Low.


General Shadow - this is the one that will give you the most of fps. So if you go Ultra to Low you can get like a nice 12% boost in your fps. So this one I recommend to go with Low.


Effects Quality - Medium.


Texture Quality - this depends on the amount of VRAM on your video card. So me I'm playing at Ultra. If you have 4GB and more of the ram go Ultra, 3GB High, 2GB Medium and less than 2GB go with Low.


Foliage Quality - this one can give you a nice amount of fps also it's like 2 to 3% boost for each bracket but it really depends where you are in the map. So definitely do some testing.


Anti-Aliasing - for me x6 and x4 too blurry and also you're losing a lot of fps. So definitely use something like x2 or OFF. Me I'm playing at OFF.


One more thing it's about ping – so some people sometimes are saying I don't understand I have like 120 fps but I'm still lagging, well, I know it's basic stuff but Ping is very important when you're playing online. So choose the lowest ping when you're selecting a server. So for example you live in East America like choose a server East Coast or Central something like that you want to bring like between like 20 and 60 something like that. If you're playing like on the server with more than 100ms with your ping you will for sure lag.