Best Settings to Run Resident Evil Village Smoothly on any PC

In this guide I will show you the best settings run the Resident Evil Village smoothly, to have like a decent 60fps with good graphic quality, on your PC.


So the first thing that you really need to do is to make sure that your game mode is at ON.


After that the Xbox Game Bar, I recommend to put that one at OFF and I recommend to put all your overlays OFF. If you're using the discord one, AMD or Nvidia don't use it, you will lose fps and also sometimes it's causing stuttering.


Next the capture part, make sure that your Background Recording is at OFF and Recorded Audio is at OFF.


After that open up the Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling, make sure that this option is ON (to have this option you need an Nvidia video card series 1000 or above and also you need the latest version of Windows. So once you put this option at ON you will need to restart your computer to make sure it's applied.


Next, make sure that you update your driver - Nvidia, AMD or Intel, even if you're using like an integrated video card on your CPU. It's a triple a game they always like release a dedicated driver for those games. So normally you can see a difference between 5 to 8% boost in your fps when you have the latest driver.


One more thing, in the power management mode make sure that you're using Prefer Maximum Performance Balance. This is more for a laptop, for example when I plug my laptop in the wall it's still on the ECO mode so you don't want to use ECO mode when you plug your laptop on the wall. It was using like 60% on my CPU and 60% of my GPU. So make sure that when you plug your laptop in the wall you're using the Maximum Performance or the Balance one.


Now, let's go inside of the game, we will look at the graphic parameter. We have a lot of options.


So, let's start with the Display Mode. I really recommend to use Full Screen, don't use Borderless or Windowed mode. With Windowed mode you will lose a couple of fps.


Screen Resolution: should be your native one.


Refresh Rate: make sure that you're matching your refresh rate with your monitor so really depend on what monitor that you have.


Frame Rate: I'm using variable, i just want to lower a little bit my input lag.


V-sync: if you have like a big issue with tearing in your monitor you can definitely put this one at OFF.


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Rendering Mode: I recommend NORMAL, I did a comparison between INTERLACE and NORMAL the image quality is a lot better in normal you save a little bit of Vram if you go interlace but I really prefer the NORMAL one.


After that the Image Quality: go with 1, if you go on upscaling you will lose a lot of performance and if you downscale you will see that your image quality decrease a lot.


FidelityFX CAS: put this one at ON.


Anti-Aliasing: this one is really depend on your computer, for me I’m using TAA on my desktop but on my laptop I prefer to use FXAA for performance. So do a test between both but FXAA seems a good way to go.


Variable Rate Shading: put this one at OFF.


After that Texture Quality and Texture Filter Quality: So really important here look at your Vram on your card it's pretty crazy in this game I can't like Max Out my video card normally with 8GB of ram you don't have this issue. So if you have 16GB go with 8x, if you have 4GB go with 4x etc…


Mesh Quality: this is the first graphic parameter that will help you a lot with your fps. So put this one at MAX and you can get 3% to 4% in your fps. High to Medium you can get 3 to 4% boost and Low it's a 2%. So for me MEDIUM is good, like balance between image quality and fps.


Ray Tracing: This one depends on your video card, if you have like a second gen video card you can  definitely go with Ray Tracing at ON.


GI and Reflection: you can go with LOW.


Light Reflection: you can stay at Mid ( if you have something like a 3000 series video card you can definitely go with Mid or even High, it will give you a nice image quality)


Ambient Occlusion: I did a couple of tests and this will give you a lot of fps if you compare Fidelity to Off, it will give you like a nice 6% boost but I feel like you should definitely use ambient inclusion in this game because you want to be the game immersive. So between Fidelity and SSAO I didn't see a big difference and you kind of like saving a little bit of Vram so go with Fidelity effects.


Screen Space Reflection: this one will give you a lot of fps 5% ON vs. OFF but your image quality will suffer. So it depends where you're at right now in your build and your fps.


Volumetric Lighting Quality: this one also is really important High to Mid you will gain a 5% boost in your fps, mid to low you will gain 3%. So definitely go with MID for this one.

Subsurface Scattering: you can definitely put this one at ON.


Shadow Quality:  This is pretty much the most important graphic parameter in this game, Max to High you can gain 3 to 4% boost, High to Mid another 3% and Mid to Low a 2% difference. So definitely again go with MID.


Contact Shadows: you can stay at ON, you will lose about like 2% fps but still it's a really nice effect.


Shadow Cache: ON, I recommend to use this one, it will help you with your processing load.


Bloom and Lens Fair: normally those parameters I remove when I play like competitive games but in this game you want to use it because again you want to have like a nice image quality. Bloom at ON you will lose 3% boost in your fps and Lens Flare you will lose 2% in your fps.


Film Noise: I recommend to put this one at OFF I really don't like the image quality when I put this one at On.

Depth of Field: OFF, also I remove it, I feel like it's more a console thing you don't want Depth of Field when you're playing this game.


Lens Distortion: I put this one OFF, if you're getting drop because of lens distortion go with OFF.  If you don't see the difference just go with ON with chromatic aberration at on.


So that's about it guys for the guide.