Biomutant Comes with a Good Open World Map to Explore

Biomutants release date is just around the corner and it's been pretty hyped up. It is a game which offers many things from a deep character class and customization system to an incredible crafting system and so much more which you can take into the very populated world full of secrets and side quests to do. The game for sure looks great but a question I myself once had and I'm seeing it every day from people is how big is the explorable map going to be within Biomutant. So after a bit of research people actually found many official sources stating the answer and also found a direct interview with THQ Nordic who also gave out map size details.


So the map will be 8x8km, so basically it's 64km squared by my understanding, which I will state is nowhere near the biggest map we have seen within open world games but it's far from the smallest as well but to give you guys a kind of understanding to this map size, a few maps around the same size are Red Dead Redemption 2 which comes with 75km, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is said to be 74km, ARK Survival: Evolved the center map is around 70km, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the same size which we see within Biomutant at 64km so is PlanetSide 2, Far Cry 5 is slightly smaller at 60km, Watchdogs 2 is 56km, Fallout 76 is 41km it's also bigger than Red Dead ones map, Skyrim, GTA San Andreas and even Horizon Zero Dawn. Now, the thing I will state is none of these maps felt small to me when I was playing these games. So I feel what we get with Biomutant which I will state is still considered small when compared to other open world games.


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I feel with a few levels to the map in terms of being able to swim down finding cave systems, dungeons and also in a few instances being able to fly using high balloons and a few other things plus with how feel the wheel does seem to be within many instances are NPCS you can find and again secrets you can also find two side quests here, there and everywhere. I don't actually feel the size of it will be noticed that much even though like I said 64km squared isn't too bad it's actually quite a decent size and because there's actually no word on fast travel points and because there's no words on vehicles where you can move around faster. Yes there's Times but other than that I mean you're running from one side to the other.


So 64km squared is plenty and again like I said when it's filled with many many things to do, it will seem so much bigger and also to mention with many certain areas of Biomutant which require you to level up certain aspects of your class to even explore those areas and there will be a lot to do and learn in the game, which is great.