Days Gone on PC Won’t Support Cross Save with PS4 / PS5

Days Gone on PC will not support DLSS, Ray Tracing and cross save between PS5 and PS4.


The console version of the game was released in 2019, and the PC version will be available on May 18. Despite the fact that we have already known the vast majority of details about this version that will take advantage of the power of the platform, there was still some important information to know.


The main features of Days Gone were revealed with the announcement of its first trailer: support for monitors with ultra 21: 9 resolution, unlocked frame rate, higher resolution in photo mode and many other improvements. However, it has also been indicated what will not be present on PC.


In a question and answer, the developers of Days Gone have been listing a few features of the game and answering some questions. The first that has been resolved is whether the game will support Nvidia DLSS. Bend made it clear that it will not, at this time, so who knows if it could be added in the future.


Days Gone, PC, Cross Save, Between PS4, PS5

When it comes to ray tracing, here it has been more categorical. Days Gone on PC does not support ray tracing, the post stated. In addition, it was also confirmed that the PC version will not offer cross save with the saved games that a player may have on PS4 or PS5. It should be added that another case similar to Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, does not have this type of save either.


Apart from this, it has also been known that Days Gone on PC will be compatible with the achievement system and that this version includes the option to change its field of view (FOV), up to a maximum of 100 degrees.