Find Cylinder, Shaft to Craft Heisenberg's Hammer RE 8 Village

There are many places to explore in Resident Evil 8 Village map, and also many hidden treasure items that you can find especially behind cracked walls that perhaps you did not think could be destroyed, and behind some you will find the required mechanical parts to be able to craft Heisenberg's hammer.


The Heisenberg hammer is one of the most valuable items in RE 8 Village that you can sell it for 45,000 lei. Besides, having this hammer is always a good idea to face the last steps of the adventure with confidence.


There are two hidden mechanical parts (Cylinder and Shaft) that you need to find to craft the Heisenberg hammer, and these two parts you can find within the factory area in the last section of the game.


Mechanical Part 1 (Cylinder) Location


At the beginning of the factory you will come to an engine room with pistons that rotate very fast. As soon as you pass this area you will have to go down a ladder to a room that has two doors. This is the room where you have to manage power. Well, in this same room, if you look closely, behind the ladder there is a cracked wall.


So destroy the wall with a bomb to find the first hidden piece.


Find Cylinder, Shaft, Craft Heisenberg's Hammer, RE 8 Village

Mechanical Part 2 (Shaft) Location


After having restored the power and have obtained the Heisenberg key in the foundry, what you must do is go to the south exit of the foundry to open the door.


Well, when you open the door with the key you will find a few enemies and a cracked wall, so use a bomb to enter it and get the piece.


You must collect the two parts before leaving the factory, and you can sell the weapon when you consider it appropriate.


So now you know how to get Heisenberg's hammer treasure in Resident Evil 8 Village.