Valhalla: Open Meeth Wealth Chest, Find Sickle, Ireland Snake

In this quick tutorial we’ll show you where do you get the new Sickle weapons in the Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Wrath of the Druids DLC, how to open that Wealth / Treasure chest in Meeth and where to find that one Snake in Ireland.

Let's start with the location for the brand new weapon type the Sickle. You can find the first one, Ceremonial Sickle in Connacht in a Druid camp and you will go there for a main story mission but you can also go there earlier and get the wealth chest. 

Ceremonial Sickle, Connacht, Druid Camp, Location Map

Ceremonial Sickle, Chest Location, Connacht

The second one, Bone Sickle (Mythical) is a reward from killing Black Stout legendary animal which you can also find in Connacht, the animal you encounter here will be a higher power level than you but not impossible to take out and then as a reward you get the second sickle.

Bone Sickle, Mythical Sickle, Location Map, Connacht

Bone Sickle, Mythical Sickle Location,

Now, let’s locate the Snake in Ireland because a lot of people speculated before the launch of the DLC based on the trophy icon that this could be like an extra order target or that it could have some sort of double meaning but now it turns out that it's literally one snake in Ireland, the only one that you have to take out. So you do that by going in Meath in an abandoned building in the Swamps.

Valhalla, Ireland Snake Location, Map, Meath

You enter in the building and then immediately see some boxes and jars that you want to shoot because then the snake will reveal itself, take it out and then the trophy or achievement will pop as easy as that. 

Ireland Snake Location, Map, Swamp

There are multiple new shields added with this expansion and two are a little harder to find one in particular is hidden in a chest that you have to open first by finding some artifacts in the world, and I will touch on that in a moment.


Now, let's first start on the Thorgest’s shield which you get from a quest after killing the two Drengir in Ireland, you see them on the map here:

Thorgest’s Shield, Drengir Location, Map, Ireland

After killing both of them you get a new quest called Thorgest's Drengir which has to go to a really small island in Ulster. Once you are there you can loot the Thorgest's dead body and get this light shield and Thorgest's turn out to be the first Viking Chieftain to set foot in Ireland.


This shield only gives you three speeds when close to full health. So that's when at 90% or more health and sure speed is one of the only stats in Valhalla that actually has a small impact but three is just not a lot like there's still way better shields in the game. There's also this issue where sometimes the perk will just not show up when full health. So then you have to re-equip it to fix the issue. So yeah you mostly want to rock it for the look. It changes with each upgrade and especially on the mythical rarity, it looks quite cool.