Best Settings to Run Dark Alliance Smoothly on Old, New PC

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Dark Alliance has just been released so it's probably the right time to find the best settings to increase FPS and run this game smoothly on your low-end or high-end PC. 

So let's start with the Windows:


Game Mode - ON


Xbox Game Bar - OFF


Also don't use any Overlay like Discord Overlay, AMD Overlay or Nvidia. Sometimes they causing stuttering and you will lose fps.




Background Recording - OFF


Recorded Audio - OFF


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - ON


Next, make sure that your driver software is up-to-date. 


Next, go to the Power Management Mode and make sure that you're using the Prefer Maximum Performance.


Now, let’s open the game settings. 


Go to the GRAPHICS


Player Outlines - Visible When Occlusion


Camera Field of View - Here, if you go higher you’ll be able to see further in front of you but you’ll lose some fps.


Best Settings, Run Dark Alliance Smoothly, Old PC, New PC



Maximum FPS: if you have a high-end PC you can go with max but if you are using a low-end PC or laptop then don’t go max just lock it with the amount of earth of your monitor.


Vsync - OFF


Motion Blur Intensity - go with Zero


Screen Resolution - play with native resolution


Display Mode - Full Screen


Texture Quality - depends on the Vram on your card if you have 4 GB of Vram and more go with Very High, 3GB High and 2GB go with Medium.


Shadow Quality - Medium


Visual Effects Quality - High


Anti-Aliasing - High


Post Processing Quality - Medium


Foliage Quality - High


View Distance Quality - Medium