Best Settings to Run ESO Blackwood Smoothly on PC

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you the best settings to run Elder Scroll Online (ESO) Blackwood smoothly on low-end or high-end PC. Currently, you fps locked at 100 so I’ll show you how to unlock your fps.


So let's start with Windows - make sure that your Game Mode is that On


Xbox Game Bar - I recommend to turn Off this feature as it causing stuttering mini lag and stuff like that.


Also don't use any Overlay, Discord, Overlay, GPU Overlay like the one from AMD or Nvidia.


Capture Background Recording - make sure that this one is at Off.


Recorded Audio is at Off.


Make sure that your Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling is at ON.


Next, make sure that you update your driver.


Next, the energy profile - if you're playing on the laptop make sure that you're using like Balance or Performance mode. Also same thing with your video card - go to control panel you can pretty much do the same thing with AMD, make sure that you're using maximum performance or re-important. The one from Windows I recommend Balance performance.


So now let's go to the game settings:


Video - Display:


Display mode - Fullscreen. You don't want to use this feature as it's causing a little bit of stuttering and you’ll lose some fps.

Resolution - make sure that you use the native resolution here.   



Graphic Quality: use the Custom because we want to change all the other graphic settings.


Texture Quality: here, if you have like 4GB of Vram and more you can use High and if you have 3GB and more you can probably also play at High.


Anti-Aliasing - if you don't care about aliasing I recommend to go with NONE you will have like a nice boost in your fps. If you want Anti-Aliasing go with FXAA.

Best Settings, Run ESO Blackwood Smoothly, PC


SubSampling Quality - I recommend you to use Medium.


Shadow Quality - Medium.


Screen Space Reflection Quality - use Medium. I did a couple of tests and Ultra and High is taking a lot of resources. So for a mid-range computer I recommend you to go with medium. If you're playing on low-end PC I recommend just to remove it.


Planner Reflection Quality - Off.


Maximum Particle System - put this one at minimum.


View Distance - here, if you're playing at 100 it takes a lot of resources because you need to render far in front of you. So I recommend for a low-end computer something like 25, mid and high refresh rate computer I recommend something like 50 to 65.


Ambient Occlusion - if you don't like your image quality without any Ambient Occlusion I recommend you to use SSAO.


Grass - Medium.


Depth of Field - Off.


Now, let’s unlock your fps. For this you need the config file. Go to Document- Elder Scroll Online - Live. Then open up the UserSettings file on notepad. Here, I recommend to use ctrl f and search SET MinFrameTime.2. Normally, you’ll see here something like 0.001000. This is pretty much how they lock to 100 fps. So now we want like a special number that we will add here to make sure that we unlock our fps. To do that you need to open the calculator and it's pretty easy, you just need to divide one by the amount of fps that you want. So for me I have a 144 earth screen. So I'm going to divide 1 by 144, this gives me the number 0.006944. So if you have like a 120 earth screen you need to divide 1 by 120, after that you need to replace the existing number with this one. Then you need to press save and I also recommend you to lock this file.