Best Settings to Run Swords of Legends Online On Old, New PC

In this short tutorial we’ll show you the best settings to run Swords of Legends Online (SoLO) smoothly on high or low-end PC.

So, let’s start with the Game Mode - make sure that your game mode is at ON.


After that Xbox Game Bar - make sure that your Xbox Game Bar is at OFF.


Also make sure that you don't use any overlay, Discord Overlay, AMD and Nvidia as it's causing stuttering in this game.


Make sure that the background recording is at off and the recorded audio is at OFF.


Next, if you have the latest Windows OS then activate the Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling and then restart your computer to apply it.


Next, make sure that you have the latest driver AMD, Nvidia or Intel download and install directly from their websites.


Also, if you're using a laptop make sure that you run up energy plan something like balance or high performance, it’s really important. Don't use the Eco Mode you will lose a lot of fps because you will not use the maximum power of your CPU and GPU. Eco Mode should be when you're playing the game on your battery but when you're plugging the wall make sure that you're running a proper energy planned.


Another thing that you can look is for your video card AMD or Nvidia go to your control panel - go to manage 3D - go down and see the power management mode - make sure that you use the Prefer Maximum Performance.


So now, let's go inside of the game - Game Settings - General


Display - in Resolution make sure that you're playing Fullscreen mode.


After that Rendering scale - just go with 100. If after all that my guide you're still struggling for example to get your 60 you can definitely go at 95 or 90 but under that you will see that your image quality decrease a lot everything will go blurry and you will see pixel and stuff like that.

Gamma - Foreground FPS limit


You can limit your fps. Me I'm limiting at 150 I have a 144 hertz screen. It really depends on what you want to do, if you want to limit your fps for example if you are playing on a laptop with a 60 earth screen don't unlock your fps at 200 you will create more heat on your laptop and after that you will get some throttling and you can have like stuttering mini lag and some random drop because of that. So just limit it with the amount of hertz on your monitor.


Dynamic field of view / Intelligent depth of field: I recommend to activate them.


Now, let's start with the graphic parameter we will go at the top, the first one is the Draw distance. If you're playing on like a mid-range computer you can definitely play at 3 or even 4 depending on what you want, ief you have a low-end computer or if you have like an integrated video card you will need to go at 2 or even 1. Don't go too crazy with this one. If you go to max you're shredding like 25% of your fps.


Textures – It really depends on your Vram, if you have more than 4GB of your RAM on your video card you can max everything without any problem. If you have 3GB of Vram go with 4, 3 and 2 and if you have less than 2GB go with 2 and 1.

Sunlight - I recommend to use SSR at 2. 4 to 2 you get a nice 3% boost but only 1 when you go at OFF.


Best Settings, Run SoLO Smoothly, Swords of Legends Online, PC

Ambient Occlusion – this one is really important, it will really depend also on your like yourself. If you go very high like 5 to 1 you can get like a nice 9% boost in your fps but your image will change a lot. So look at it maybe you can go at 2 or 3 if you don't really care about like Ambient Occlusion or even Shadow go with 1 and it will give you a lot of fps.

Image-based lighting - I recommend to use this one at ON


After that the Shadow - this is pretty much where you can get a lot of fps. If you go to minimum for everything, you can get like 12% to 15% boost on your fps. A lot of people with the mid-range video card will run this game at high and just go to Shadow and put those one at 1 and you will have a decent amount of fps. This is pretty much where you will get your fps. So if you want to have like better Shadow Quality you can definitely go up with it but this is pretty much where you can get a nice push on your fps.



Wind quality - I recommend to use 2 over there. I didn't see a difference in my fps when you go of 3.

Tree quality - 2 to 1 I'm getting a nice 3% boost in my fps.


After that you have the Grass Density - a little bit different, you can go crazy with 10 you will lose a lot of fps. So low-end computer users can go something between 1 and 3, if you're playing on the mid-range computer you can go 5 to 6. It’s really important here when you test the game yes you can test it like when you're alone in the map and stuff you will see that you have a decent amount of fps but when you're starting to see a lot of people and a lot of people is fighting you seeing effect and stuff like that, you will see that you're getting a huge drop in your fps. So really like look at when you're fighting with a lot of people to make sure that you're getting a proper amount of fps.



Waves - this one is a bit tricky on my desktop I don't have any issue to go with 2 but I'm lagging on my laptop with this one and my laptop is not powerful I got like a an old i5 with the GTX 1050. So definitely go with 1 with Waves if you're playing on the old laptop, it helped me a lot when I was like looking at water.


Tessellation - you can definitely go with two with this one.


SSR / True Shadow - go with one and you’ll get another 4% boost in your fps


Cloud quality - here I'm playing normally at 2 but for sure on my laptop I'm putting this one at one.


Special Effect

Particle Quality - you can definitely go with something like 2 or 3. I didn't see a big difference with the very low. So 3 feel like a good spot you're not taking too much like fps and you're getting like a nice special effect when you're playing.


Soft Particle - make sure that you put this one at 1.


Volumetric lighting

Global and Local - go with 1 and you can get nice 7% boost in your fps.



If you like bloom you can go definitely 2 or 3, if you don't like it just remove it.


Depth of Field - remove it, you don't want to use that.


Anti-aliasing (SMAA and TAA) go with 1.



Soft hair - here you can definitely go with 2. If you running an old computer you will probably need to remove this one.


So this is pretty much it for the graphic parameter. Honestly, the game is running well for me even on my old laptop.