Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Z Flip 3 Which One is Cheaper?

We often talk about smartphones and how they change our lives. We also often talk about folding smartphones that can change the entire industry, but so far they’re not doing very well because they’re too expensive.

Sooner or later, everything will change and the price of such devices will greatly decrease.


And it turns out the wait is over, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 are going to be significantly cheaper than their predecessors according to the latest reports. The Z Fold 2 was launched at a $2000 price tag last year while the Z Flip was launched at $1380. But Sammobile is reporting that the successors of these two devices will be 20% cheaper. In other words, the Z Fold 3 could be almost around $400 cheaper than the Z Fold 2 which turns out to be $1600 for those who don't know math. While the Z Flip 3 will be cheaper by $276 which means the handset could be priced at $1099.


Honestly, that's a substantial reduction especially for the Z Fold 3 that in every way is better than its predecessor.


Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung, Z Flip 3, Which One is Cheaper

The report mentions that the reason Samsung might be implementing this strategy is to encourage more people to switch to foldable smartphones plus Samsung will offer generous pre-order incentives to customers who purchase the new foldables.


That said, some of you might wonder that a $400 price cut is too good to be true. But keep in mind that the Galaxy S21 Ultra also saw a 15% price cut this year compared to the S20 Ultra, so this report isn't out of the realm by any means.


It’s worth noting that the leak says the new foldables will be ‘up to 20% cheaper,’ so the prices could be a little higher but still it's great news that Samsung is reducing the prices which should make foldable products a lot more accessible to general consumers.