How to Reach the Max Level Quickly in Dark Alliance?

In this Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance guide, we’ll show you how to reach the max level quickly. With our tactics you’ll also be able to get armor, attributes and feed points.


The way of moving up a level in Dark Alliance is different because you’ll have to level up three things. You're leveling up your max character level which is level 20 for this one and in addition to that you leveling up your character to level 20, you're also having to level up your attributes, you're also having to level up your feats and if that wasn't enough you also have to get level 5 gear as you go. So what is the best and most effective way to actually level up and do all those things at once well, in this guide, we’ll going to show you exactly what you're going to do.


So every time you level up you will be getting an attribute point and you will be getting a feat point. Now, if you want more attribute points you're going to have to do the dungeons and find the other attribute points. But this method in particular should give you enough points at least a total of 21 points for your attributes and you're for your feat. So if you're doing that you have a fresh new character that you're trying to get and grind out this is the method you're going to want to do because sometimes you're playing with friends and they are already running the character you have and you want to still play with them, so you're probably going to have to pick up another character and this is where this comes in handy because you want to level up each character individually. So this method allows you to level up every single one of these, it has your attributes, it levels up your feet and it also levels maxes you up really fast and you also get gear as you are progressing throughout the game.


So what exactly is it that you need to do in order to level up, you're going to want to make sure that if you are fairly new to the game or you have friends that already have this particular mission unlocked, which is the Goblin’s Shard and you want to do the Goblin Tower you want to make sure they either invite you or you invite them to do the Goblin Tower and you can help each other level up.

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If you guys are trying to do this that way you can find people to help you level up right there as well. So the Goblin Tower is the mission we're going to be using to actually level up. Now, what makes this mission very effective and very good is the fact that it allows you to speed run through this really fast. So theoretically, all you're gonna do is to skip all the ads and hit straight to the boss. Once you head into the boss area, it should take you roughly between two to three minutes to get there. Now when you get to the boss area this is a very easy boss to kill due to the fact that if the mechanics are super easy to learn. There's gonna be a total of four mini bosses that you have to kind of kill before you get the chance to actually kill the boss. The four mini bosses are gonna be marked with a purple little icon above their heads so that way you're able to identify them. Once you see the little purple icon pop you're going to want to head to one particular area of the pillar kill that mini boss. Once you kill that mini boss just focus on him primarily and the other mini bosses should theoretically disappear after you kill that mini boss. Head on over to the next mini boss look for the purple icon kill him he will also disappear as well. Then head on to the other mini boss to kill him and once again head to the last mini boss kill him. Then you should have a couple of little enemies but it shouldn't be that many and after you guys kill the fourth little mini boss, the boss will go ahead and open up his little a kind of dome that he has protecting him and then you should be able to go ahead and kill him.


One quick trick for actually killing the boss is you're going to want to make sure you get him like in a corner, because once you get him in the corner he won't be able to do much, he'll be kind of trapped in that little corner, you could just go and kill him really fast. Now, what makes this one really viable is the fact that you do it so quickly it takes between five to seven minutes depending on how fast you're able to kill each mini bosses and you guys should be able to rinse and repeat this over and over.


From what we found with doing this with my friend, we were able to complete this one really quickly but we figured out it takes about between three to four tries to actually hit one level. So every three to four tries you'll be going up a level. Now, remember you're also collecting armor as you're doing this. So that's what makes this really helpful and really fun and every time you level up you'll get an attribute and a feat.


So if you're playing for an hour, you should probably be going up two to three levels every hour. So it makes it really fast grind if you guys are trying to level up other characters so it makes it really fun. One tip I want to give you is after you complete it make sure you equip the loot, if it's better, because that'll help you get the run done faster. Also play with characters that have really fast kill types like for example Drizzt, Catti or Wulfgar who are really fast and actually killing people and do a lot of damage they should help the speed to run really fast but overall in general, that is how you level up in Dark Alliance.