How to Unlock AC Valhalla Basim Outfit

The Basim Outfit is now available for free in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. In this article we’ll show you how to unlock it.


If you go to the Ubisoft Connect section of the game right now you’ll find the outfit in the rewards section or you can also find it in the character tab of the Helix Store which will then take you to the Ubisoft Connect section as well.


Claim it and then you will get it in your inventory as easy as that, just like with other legacy outfits. It covers all armor pieces except for the heads. So you can wear helmets in combination with this outfit. In most situations, this outfit doesn't look that good so I wish they added a feature to only show headgear when hooted because some of the masks that you get when equipping a headpiece look very cool in combination with this outfit.

How to Unlock, AC Valhalla, Basim Outfit

You can of course equip it in inventory menu but it's way smarter to use the Transmog system. So go to the blacksmith and then put the Basim Outfit as a chest piece over other chest pieces in the game. So you still maintain your set bonuses.


The only downside is that when you are unarmed and do the left-hand attack which is of course the hidden blade stab that the blade goes through your hands, I mean Eivor totally lost a finger with this outfit which is a really cool touch but you're now cutting the other side of your hands when doing this attack. So I really hope they fix that but overall it looks awesome.