What is Dying Light 2 (DL2) Stay Human?

Sequel to the 2015 zombie game Dying Light has finally got a release date and it's on December 17, 2021 under the title Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


You play as Aiden Caldwell, the main character of the game, who is trying to unravel his past and he's infected. So he is trying to stay human.


We also know the game will be releasing on both next and current gen consoles, so that's PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Techland, the development studio behind the game have also said that the game is supposed to have 100 hours of content and that the campaign length is about 15 to 20 hours. The map size is also supposedly meant to be four times bigger than the first game and we also got to see a new gameplay trailer which as a fan looked both fantastic in terms of graphics, zombie variety parkour and combat.


We do already know from the 2019 trailer that decisions are meant to affect not only the narrative but also the world's environment such as revealing entire new regions with new quests mechanics and things to find. There's really a big emphasis on decision making from their different trailers and when they talk about the game, but we'll have to see how that pans out as we have been burnt on a lot of these promises before. But the fact that entire regions of the map are locked off depending on what decisions you make that sound quite promising.


We know that parkour was a huge part of the game in the first of the series and they have actually doubled the amount of parkour moves in the second game so that is quite exciting if you did enjoy doing the parkour.


Weapon mod is also back and combat can be focused on either using those weapons or using your parkour with your movement and momentum to attack such as the drop kicks and other things like that but there are also some ranged weapons. The grapple hook is also still a feature and there's also some kind of paraglider that lets you glide off of rooftops. The grapple hook also looks like it is more incorporated into melee combat this time around with launching it at people or swinging off of things in order to get some more momentum with a kick or a punch.


What is DL2, Dying Light 2, Stay Human

If you don't already know in Dying Light the different types of zombies are generally weak to UV lights and that's the reason why a lot of them hide during the day and come out during the night. Our character still has his UV light with him which you can use to burn zombies. It's a good way to sort of stun them for a moment, but there's also UV flares which are a bigger AoE UV effect that really stuns zombies for a couple seconds when you use it but it only lasts for those couple seconds.


They've named the game as being in the modern dark ages which is 15 years since the original apocalypse and during that time the different zombies have had plenty of chances to mutate and evolve, hence the new different types of zombies and the world has become more used to the apocalypse, and from that three different factions have formed which are fighting for the ground and resources that the city has to offer.


You have the survivors which pride on being very adaptable and being able to make safe zones everywhere. They seem to have a lot of agriculture and crudely built safe areas on rooftops and things like that.


You also have the peacekeepers who are loyal soldiers that want to enforce their own version of the law on everyone else, they are sort of dressed in riot gear and not too much was shown on them. But you also have the renegades who serve the colonel and who want to become the sole rulers of the city.


Interestingly enough throughout the story you get to side with one of these different factions at different points and each faction has its own characters who you could end up working with, so depending on what play through you do or what you feel in the moment you might end up siding with one over the other which will as they mention have a heavy emphasis on the narrative and also the environment.


Regular bandits and outlaws are also around in the city but they cannot be sided with so you will just want to fight them when you see them.


Nightfall was looking just as scary and dangerous as the first game where the streets become flooded with infected and the new mutated zombies, during this time your best option is to park all your way to safety but remember that virals and other higher mutated zombies are very fast and can parkour too. Infected nests are also spread around and during the day they are filled with zombies while at night those zombies have moved onto the streets and as such you can go and explore those infected nests to get some very good rewards.


I'm really interested as to what you guys think of all of this information and if you played and enjoyed the first Dying Light I am biased, I love my zombie games. So I'm very excited for the second one.