What is Tiny Tina's Wonderlands?

The Borderlands creator Gearbox is making a Tiny Tina spin-off based on the Assault on Dragon Keep dlc from Borderlands 2 but this should actually be its own franchise with some familiar but also a lot of new characters. During E3 2021, we saw the reveal trailer, some screenshots and we also had a bunch of interviews revealing more about this single player or up to four player co-op game, that is coming in early 2022. So in this article I want to go over all the info that we know so far.


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands takes place in bunkers and badasses. Basically, the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) equivalents in the Borderlands universe and we already got introduced to that. In the Borderlands 2 dlc the game also takes place after the ending of that dlc but gearbox does note that if you haven't played the dlc you can jump into this game just fine.


What is good to know is that just like in that Assault on Dragon Keep expansion the story of Wonderland is completely made up by Tiny Tina's imagination and can actually change on the fly as well. We saw that at the start of the dlc where you first fight the dragon that instantly wipes your party but because the Borderlands 2 characters who are playing the game are complaining about that Tiny Tina changes the boss to Mr Boney Pants Guy who is of course way easier to take out. There are many examples of this happening in the expansion and we should also expect that in Wonderlands including the skeleton enemies and we actually have a screenshot of how the skeletons look in this game with a throne in the background.


The graphics look great but still in that familiar Borderlands art style and this time we create our own multi-class hero and then loot, shoot, slash or cast our way to outlandish monsters and dungeons on a quest to stop the tyrannical Dragon Lord played by Will Arnett.


Going back to our character though because them saying that we create our own multi-class hero is of course huge. In Borderlands you always pick a pre-made character associated with a particular class. Now, we also have multi-class which is interesting in DnD. This means that every time you level up you pick which class you want to level up instead of having your character level up, which means that if you invest in multiple classes you can mix and match combinations of these classes and take attributes and perks from those classes to create your own. So I'm really curious with them saying multi-class heroes how deep the customization will be. In the trailer we see a character forge his own weapon, although we are not sure if that's in the game. What we do know is that weapon customization will not be in the game but we did learn about a ton of other things during a trailer breakdown with Matt Cox, the creative director on Wonderlands for example that there will be a lot of loot including melee weapons, which should be huge on twitter Randy Pitchford, the CEO from Gearbox hinted at bows and crossbows for the game as well and going back to Matt in the trailer breakdown. He namely notes that we can collect armor and amulets as well. There will be no grenades but we do have a lot of spells which Matt notes function a bit like skills because of their power and variety of behavior.

Dragonlord, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, What is?

The game was announced during summer game fest where we saw Ashly Burch who voices Tiny Tina talk about Wonderlands and behind her we see some characters namely a robot called Fred. I'm curious what a robot is doing in a fancy style world but I can't wait to find out voice by Wanda Sykes. By the way, we see Captain Valentine in the back here too played by Andy Samberg and on the left we see the main villain the Dragonlord which looks pretty cool and we got a screenshot of him as well. The sword that he holds likely be a drop, you would think right maybe we can get some armor pieces off this boss.


I'm sure that the gun that shoots, swords that explode into more swords that explodes will be back in this game, I at-least hope so. All the enemies we can expect are for example sharks with legs we saw in the trailer why not like they're really going crazy, why burns are confirmed I mean we saw a dragon like creature in the trailer too and going back to the lava area because it looks huge and I'm kind of getting mordor vibes from this in a way and overall the skill seems significantly improved over borderlands.

We of course had the trials which looking back kind of failed to provide meaningful rewards for the time you put into it. So I'm curious what their version of that will be in this game and I'm sure they will have like a good post launch too looking at how they handled borderlands 3.