Best Monsters to Farm in Monster Hunter Stories 2

In this article, I want share the best monsters that I think you should look out for as you're playing throughout the game. Now, to be clear these are simply monsters that I think you should definitely consider adding to your team as you're progressing throughout the game there are things that you will encounter, there are things that will fill necessary slots in your team and there are monsters that are generally speaking pretty reliable that you can use for a good chunk of the game in fact some of you stayed in my team throughout the entirety of the game so they are definitely worthwhile.


Now, yes of course this game has a ton of monsters use whatever you want but if you're looking for some potential useful team picks then here is my list:


In number one we have Nargacuga. Now Nargacuga is a monster you will encounter relatively early on in the game. So you don't necessarily have to kind of go too far for this one and Nargacuga is useful for a number of different reasons.


Obviously, when you're specking out your team you want to try and have a good coverage of speed, power and technical. Nargacuga is by default a speed monster but on top of that it also has a very useful ability called Stealth.


Now, yes as you're playing throughout the game, you'll want to be fighting lots of monsters leveling up things like that but sometimes you do just want to get to your destination as quickly as possible and Nagakuga having stealth allows you to go invisible. Meaning when you're running through dens to try and get eggs or just want to get from point A to point B without constantly running into monsters, it is incredibly useful.


Best Monsters To Farm, Monster Hunter, Stories 2
Now, our next monster is Zinogre - a monster you'll encounter a little bit later on but you can get it as early as in the snowy area. It is initially encountered as a royal monster meaning it will be a tough fight but tough does not mean impossible, you can win this, you can in fact make it retreat.

Zinogre is really good because he also fills that speed spot in fact he's probably one of the best speed options going forward. So he's kind of a good reliable monster you can use for a good chunk of the game. However on top of that from an exploration point of view he also has the ability to jump, that's of course an ability you will have on your velocity to begin with which you can use to jump across platforms and while you don't necessarily need this. In fact it's important to state that when you're kind of exploring the maps you never need these abilities to get to a destination. It's only if you're trying to go off the beaten track to get things like chests or other things like that.


The sort of golden line story path will never require those abilities but he does have jump so you can use that when exploring the nests.


Our next best monster is Nerscylla. This is a good technical monster and it kind of covers a few different bases. It is a very cool monster because some of the abilities do have the chance to put enemies to sleep and of course if an enemy goes to sleep then you get an increased crit rate that happens both of some of its special moves and of its kinship attack. However on top of that it also can climb vines.


So again giving you a good cross-section across your team we have a monster that can stealth, we have a monster that can jump and now we have a monster that can climb. So you have quite a lot of the options that are sort of available to you.


You'll often see vines where you can climb up and get to chests and things. So we've now got a decent coverage we've got some speed, some technical and the ability to explore.


Next up is Zamtrios – Zamtrios fills another one of the technical slots. So again a pretty good pick plus Zamtrios has a lot of health. He is a very good tanky monster of course he's ice type as well. He has some very nice moves but sometimes when you do some of the fights there will be situations where you know you're gonna get hit by a very powerful attack. And Zamtrios having a good health pool, can often just be a monster even if it's a tight mismatch that can take a hit without dying. So having a nice tanky monster in your team just something you can swap to in the event you know you're gonna have to sort of take that big damage is useful plus at a bonus he can swim. So once again another exploration element that is available to us if he's in our team.


Finally to fill the power slot we have one of the early game monsters that is relatively good in your power slot is Jade Barroth.


You'll find him in the snowy area. It is a good tanky monster, decent sort of health pool, decent attack, decent crit rate and it is a good all-round monster plus it also has the ground dive ability which is the one where you can basically borrow underground go in different tunnels and again that gives you sort of more exploration tools. There are of course plenty of other things but this won't cover every single possible exploration but Jade Barroth is a good safe reliable power pick.


So there you have it that's a little rundown on a few months. These you might want to consider looking out for as you're playing throughout the game.