Best Way to Find Bottle Caps in MH Stories 2: Location Guide

In this short tutorial, I want to show you the best way to find bottle caps and all the locations you can go through to get them in Monster Hunter Stories 2.


There are several ways that you can find bottle caps in MH Stories 2, so in the event you've now got to end game and you're of course trying to save up bottle caps so you can buy super rare tickets or you can buy items from the bottle cap vendor then this guide is for you.


The first and most obvious location is one that we would all have encountered and that is of course the Everdens. In the Everdens, there are a fixed number of these and of course once you have gathered the bottle caps within the Everdens then those ones are complete. So that is the limited resource but it is still worth as you're playing throughout the game exploring the evidence. It's a great chance to fight monsters get eggs but you'll also get bottle caps in the process.


However, outside of that as you're exploring just random dens, there can be normal dens and there can be high ranked dens. I would of course say that the frequency seems a little bit greater in high ranked dens but you do have the chance when opening chests in those dens to occasionally obtain some bottle caps. The numbers can vary but you can still get them.


From there you then want to turn your attention to quests, it's worth noting that of course some of the quests that you can get from both NPC’s or just from the board in general can award you with bottle caps as rewards. One of the most noteworthy ones being the quest that actually has you sort of completely Monsterpedia, this one actually gives you quite a nice amount of bottle caps. But later on even some of the smaller ones will still give you smaller amounts. Those ones are of course not farmable but they are still things that are worth doing because they can give you a nice amount of bottle caps.


Outside of that one of the things you'll of course be turning your attention to more so once you get to end game are of course co-op expeditions, completing these will also give you a chance to get bottle caps both inside the expeditions and also as post expedition rewards.


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I was exploring one the super rare expeditions the other day with Paradise and I got a nice amount of bottle caps from the chests, which again is something you'll want to do.


Finally, after that it is also worth turning your attention to PVP matches. Even if PVP is not your thing, even if you don't win you will still get bottle caps as rewards. Admittedly, not as many as other things, co-op expeditions will give you infinitely more. However, if you are playing PVP whether you win or lose in the post-match rewards you will get a few bottle caps.


So if you combine all of these together Everdens, random chest inside dens, quests, cop expeditions and PVP you actually have a good source of bottle caps and given that you're going to be using them and spending them quite a bit to dive into super rare stuff it is 100% going to be worth your time.


So in the event you are on the hunt for them looking for them then hopefully this has given you a quick rundown of where you can find Bottle Caps.