Fortnite: Fix Servers Not Responding, Offline, 17.21 Update

Following the deployment of patch 17.21 on Fortnite, the servers are not responding and are offline!

Patch 17.21 is currently rolling out to Fortnite, with a brand new update ! After two weeks without updating , we will be entitled to some new features in the game. 

Regularly on Fortnite, updates take place, allowing patches to be deployed. These patches add new content to the game, or fix issues and bugs that occur in Fortnite.

For these updates to be applied, it is necessary to perform some maintenances. It is therefore normal that you cannot launch the game, and it will take a while for the game servers to start working again. The maintenances generally last several hours, and often take place in the morning.


Fortnite, Fix Servers, Not Responding, Offline, 17.21 Update

Once the maintenance is complete and the servers are back online, you can join a game and find out what's new in Fortnite!