Galaxy Watch 4 CLASSIC Comes with Wear OS, What's New?

A few days back we had a chance to witness the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which showed that it has no rotating bezel and that it's a cross between the Galaxy Watch series and Active series and it also led many to believe that there might not be a separate Active model at all, Samsung is merging the two lineups together.


Well, turns out that's not the case the beloved rotating bezel lives on as we have the first official look at the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, that's right. They have renamed it to Classic which makes sense as it looks like conventional classic watch.


And by the way, classic branding isn't something new because we have seen them using it in their previous Galaxy smartwatches.


However, the watch doesn't look any different than the Galaxy Watch 3 except for little changes to the strap design and different color options. To be honest, the design has been similar since the Galaxy Gear S3 from 2016. Aside from the Active series, Samsung hasn’t really touched the design for 5 years.


It would have been appreciated if they have reduced the bezels to make it seem more like it belongs in 2021.


Anyway, Samsung will offer the classic in three sizes while the regular Watch will be offered in two. Both watches will have a BIA sensor which measures your body composition to tell you how fat you are.


Galaxy Watch 4 CLASSIC, Samsung Watch, Google, Wear OS, What's New

They will also come with One UI Watch, the new custom skin for Samsung smartwatches with Google's new Wear OS. The new OS will help Galaxy users to use millions of compatible play store apps.


Also, a lot of you were asking about the current Galaxy watches getting the Wear OS through a firmware update. Well, even though Samsung hasn't said anything about it but it seems that may not happen because Samsung during the MWC event said that they will provide “up to 3 years of software updates” to Tizen-based smartwatches. This includes everything from your Galaxy Watch Active to the Galaxy Watch 3. This basically confirms that the current Galaxy watches will not be able to run the new Wear OS which is a bummer, especially to the Galaxy Watch 3 users because their smartwatch is basically outdated less than a year since it was released.


Now, whether this is a hardware limitation or Samsung just wants you to buy the new Watch 4? We'll never know as I don't think Samsung will ever talk about this.


In any case, Samsung will unveil the Watch 4 Classic alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in August. So MWC hosts the Global Mobile awards every year and they have named the Galaxy S21 Ultra as the best smartphone of 2021 highlights its exceptional nature.

The shortlist included the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the OnePlus 9Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, and the Galaxy S20 FE. The S21 Ultra was voted the Best Smartphone of the past year by the jury, which had this to say about the phone. "The best Android smartphone Samsung has ever made with a great range of features, stunning AMOLED display, best-in-class cameras, and more… This phone delivers across the board and is a worthy winner of Best Smartphones in 2021.” Some of you might wonder why the S20 FE is on the shortlist? Well, that's because of its incredible value for money.