Is it Worth Playing Tom Clancy’s XDefiant?

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is a new fps shooter video game from Ubisoft, which right now is in early development. It was announced a couple of days back and in reality it's made itself heard a time where we have many decent enough fps shooters out there to play and it's one of the reasons why it's got a negative reaction. So what's different about this game and why should you even consider it. So these are the details we know the game so far


So XDefiant is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that pulls in many aspects from various other Clancy games. From the trailer you can see it's represented by what looks to be a fast-paced fluid combat. We can customize those and load as you'd expect with a great mix of conventional weapons but also character-based abilities.


Like I mentioned this is a mix of other Clancy games but furthermore it does look like it's taken inspiration from many other games you can play out there right now which I will state is not a bad thing.


Now, in terms of the actual debt-free details we don't have much to go on we do know there is closed testing on the game which you can sign up for I believe which starts August 5th.


For me personally I've not been a big fan of many fps shooters which are out there right now. I could never really get into proper Battle Royale games, games like Apex Legends and I was never really a big fan of games like Rainbow Six or even the Division to some degree but XDefiant is actually a game I'm kind of looking forward to at least giving it a try.


FPS Shooter Game, Is it Worth? Tom Clancy’s XDefiant

The last fps shooter that truly gripped me in was Destiny which is a million miles away from what this game is so that really doesn't count. Maybe Overwatch for a brief period of time because it's closing to me but if I'm honest for me they all lacked that feeling I got from playing like Black Ops 2 and earlier card games. This definitely looks more so towards that style of fps shooter which isn't a bad thing in my opinion. It means that there's definitely a market there for it.


Now, after seeing the backlash's games already getting from the many younger gamers out there I'm really confused and I just don’t get it, this means no doubt monetization will be there but it doesn't mean it's going to be a pay to win game which is something people expect straight away.


Now, most of the hate I'm seeing this game get is because it isn't the next splinter style game. Me personally, I'm definitely giving this game a chance and I guarantee most people hating on it before it's even here but also give it a chance. Now, will it be the new card killer like the title states I'd say probably not but card is the game most people seem to be reflecting on when watching this game which is fair enough.