MH Stories 2 Best Quests and Subquests You Shouldn't Miss

In this article, I want share some of the most essential quests and subquests that you should skip in Monster Hunter Stories 2. This isn't absolutely every single one but this is the ones that I consider the best ones that will definitely benefit you through either move to your weapons items to craft or unlocks in other capacities.


So before we go through all the unlockable things, I want to start with the Clerk’s quest chain. If you go over to Lulucion and you speak to the clerk you probably picked this one up quite early on the game but you may have just skipped over it. She gives you a quest called Pukei-Pukei Need Love Too, all you need to do for this one is have a Pukei-Pukei in your team and go and speak to her and it will complete the quest. But this is the beginning of a very important quest chain because completing this will give you a level 9 Kinship, which of course unlocks the ability to do 9 Star quests.


So it is essential to do that quest and show her and then you get the next quest which is A Monster Among Flowers. For this one you need to go to Pomore Garden and you need to go and fight a pink Rathian in the Subquest Den. If you struggle to find these ones simply set the quest as the active objective and it'll give you a blue marker, so you know exactly where you need to go. Simply go there defeat pink Rathian and then return to her again.


Next up, she will then give you a quest called Azure Sea Sky Rathalos. Now, you’ll have to go and hunt on Azure Rathalos. Once you’ve done that return to her and she will give you a quest called Deviant Monsters Hakolo. Now, you go to Hakolo Island and  gather some tracks because that will then lead you to a den and you will fight your first Deviant monster. Now, of course if you've done some endgame stuff you've probably fought them already but if you haven't then this may well be your first time encountering them. You will fight a Silverwind Nargacuga and upon completing that one you will then unlock level 9 Kinship. Now, the quest chain doesn't end here but for the purposes of this guide that is as far as you need to go because that is what you need to do to unlock 9 Star Kinship.

So again you can then go to the quest board and you can pick up 9 Star quests. If you do go return to her she will then basically give you a continual series of quests that'll basically allow you to go and hunt the remaining Deviants. You'll go to various different regions, you will of course gather more footsteps you will then fight the corresponding Deviant. It's of course a good way to arm them if you want to make the gear but that is pretty much it. So for the purposes of unlocking stuff you only need to do that much the rest of it is entirely up to you.

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In completing the Clerk's Quest chain you will also get the recipe for Lifepowder.


So moving on from there to the remaining quests you have the quest Hung Out to Dry. This will give you the Nulberry Elixir recipe. So if you want to craft a Nulberry Elixir to remove abnormal statuses during missions, during fights, which is definitely very important then this is the question you do from the Felyne helper.


Moving on from there the quest Anjanath Copycat will give you a Hunting Horn skill, The Evasion skill. So if you want to unlock that for your weapon and you want to use that one then that one comes from the Wyverian Babysitter.


You then have the Advanced Quiz from the Pawsitive Felyne in the Felyne Shelter. This one will give you the Hunting Horn Awakening skill.  


You'll also have that the quest A Test of Purr-severance will give you the recipe you need to get the vital essence. So of course you want to craft that which again is very useful in game when you need to replenish your hearts. This comes from the Purrrsevering Felyne located in Lulucion and similarly the quest Secret Dealings in that same location in Lulucion over by the Layered armor smithy from the Sloppy Artisan you'll get the recipe you need to craft Ancient Potions.


The quest Palco Pop Quiz from the Smitten Kitten also in the Lulucion will give you the Hunting Horn Negate Ailments ability or skill.


You then have the quest Popo Protector from the Little Prankster. This will give you the Arc Shot ability for the bow.


The quest Thunderous Terra will give you the crafting recipe you need for flash bombs. I've picked out some of these items just because I feel like these ones are especially useful. There are a few additional crafting ones that I've kind of skimmed over but for the most part these are definitely must-have items.


The quest Rider vs. Arzuros will give you the Great Sword Guard this is from the Whiny Boy in the Alcala region.


You then have the quest Shadows of Red 1. This will give you the Surge skill for the hammer. This comes from the kindly old man.


Then finally you have the quest the Good Ol' Bag of Bones, which will give you the S&S Counter move which again is a fantastic move for sword and shield. This one comes from the friendly man in Hakolo Island.


Those are what I deem to be the most important quests.