MH Stories 2: How to Change Your Monster’s Look?

In this Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide, I want to show you how to change your monster’s appearance, especially color.


If you guys played previous game then you will of course be familiar with the system. If you didn't then you basically had the ability to alter a monster's element and in doing so it would actually have a visible effect on that monster in game. Now, that system is technically speaking present in stories 2 up to the point. However, once it gets to a certain level it will then just revert back to its default element and since having a chance to sort of dig deeper into end game that still doesn't seem to change. So it seems like this is a system that is almost potentially a legacy maybe sort of a thing that was based in the engine but they decided not to realize beyond that point at least as it currently stands. But regardless I wanted to go over how you do it and explain a couple of things.


Also just to give you some context the reason I say that this is probably not present is there was actually an interview with Ryozo and he actually said “in most other stories we included a mechanism to change the attributes and elements of monsters through  channeling but we have omitted that this time. We decided it is more efficient to develop strengths, for example the original attributes and even among users who played stories not many people knew how the mechanism worked. Instead for Stories 2 we greatly increased the number of skills that can be passed down, which I think increases the fun of creating original monsters.”


So that is basically his official way of saying it's technically not present but mechanically it does still exist. If we revert back to the right of channeling, again I spoke about this before but in order to change a monster's element you basically have to pass over a boost gene. So this can be any element for example I have a fire boost gene l and they come in different sizes small all the way up to extra large and in order to change a monster's element you basically have to give it a boost gene. So that element then ends up overtaking whatever is the dominant element. So if a monster is say non-elemental by default and you then boost it with fire, and fire then exceeds that limit you will then be able to see on its default attack type that will then change to fire. Now this works on level one monsters. In fact it works all the way up until about level 15 and then beyond that point it then reverts back to its original state. If you do this to a monster and you then go and take a look at it out in the field it actually changes the way it looks. Rather interestingly it does not change it if you look at it in the monstipedia. It doesn't change if you look at it in your team list. In fact if you go into battle it also does not show. This is purely only for open world.


MH Stories 2. How to Customize, Change Monster Color,  Change Monster’s Look

However, it is still really cool I have a lot of fire monster so I've only really been able to do this with fire. You could do this with anything but I actually haven't had a chance to get a decent gene in other elements but if I take the Brachydios and make him fire his stripes go red which looks fantastic. Some monsters aren't as obvious I have Zamtrios where it changes just some little bits on the fins.


So you can at least sort of take a look at how some of them do change. Honestly, this is a really cool feature and the fact that it is mechanically speaking in the game. I do kind of hope that maybe Capcom sort of changed their mind and decided to patch it in or update it because functionally it exists it's just not beyond the point.


Anyway, if you guys have experimented with this yourself and you've done any sort of cool combinations let me know in the comments below.