What's New in Samsung One UI 4.0? Compatible Devices List

Now, we have new details about what Samsung One UI 4.0 is bringing to the table. For those who don't know One UI 4 will be based on Android 12. One UI 4 is the update that Samsung will aim to roll out this update for its phones following the Android 12 launch.

However, the upcoming foldable phones such as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 won't come with this update out of the box.


What’s new or changes you’ll see in One UI 4. First up new animations, which was expected since Android 12 is the biggest visual overhaul we've seen in years. Most applications will be redesigned as well.


There will be a new privacy module and new graphics module. This new graphics module is to do with the new AMD GPU, Samsung has done system-level improvements in One UI 4 to take full advantage of the AMD GPU that will debut alongside the Galaxy S22.


Not only that, the Notes app will see a visual overhaul as well, since more devices are starting to support the S Pen functionality. To be honest, I prefer One UI 4 over stock Android because it looks better and still offers more features than the "stock" or "pure" Android experience, all of that without being overwhelming.

What's New in Samsung, One UI 4.0, Compatible Devices List

So looking forward to what new things Samsung can bring to the table on top of the Android 12.


If you were wondering here are the devices that will get One UI 4 with Android 12.


Samsung Galaxy S Series

- Galaxy S21 Ultra (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy S21+ (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy S21 (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy S20 Ultra (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy S20+ (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy S20 (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy S20 FE (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy S10 5G

- Galaxy s10

- Galaxy S20+

- Galaxy S20e

- Galaxy S10 Lite


Samsung Galaxy Note Series

- Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy Note 20 (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy Note 10+ (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy Note 10 (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy Note 10 Lite


Samsung Galaxy Z Series

- Galaxy Fold (LTE/5G)

- Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

- Galaxy Z Flip

- Galaxy Z Flip 5G

- Galaxy Z Fold 3

- Galaxy Z Flip 3


Samsung Galaxy F Series

- Galaxy F41

- Galaxy F62

- Galaxy Fo2s

- Galaxy F12

- Galaxy F22


Samsung Galaxy Xcover Series

- Galaxy Xcover Pro

- Galaxy Xcover 5


Samsung Galaxy Tab Series

- Galaxy Tab S7+(LTE/5G)

- Galaxy Tab S7(LTE/5G)

- Galaxy Tab S6 5G

- Galaxy Tab S6

- Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

- Galaxy Tab A 8.4

- Galaxy Tab A7

- Galaxy Tab Active 3


Samsung Galaxy A Series

- Galaxy A71 5G

- Galaxy A71

- Galaxy A51 5G

- Galaxy A51

- Galaxy A52

- Galaxy A52 5G

- Galaxy A72

- Galaxy A90 5G

- Galaxy A01

- Galaxy A11

- Galaxy A31

- Galaxy A41

- Galaxy A21

- Galaxy A21s

- Galaxy A Quantum

- Galaxy Quantum 2

- Galaxy A42 5G

- Galaxy A02

- Galaxy A02s

- Galaxy A12

- Galaxy A32

- Galaxy A32 5G

- Galaxy A22 5G


Samsung Galaxy M Series

- Galaxy M42 5G

- Galaxy M12

- Galaxy M62

- Galaxy Mo2s

- Galaxy Mo2

- Galaxy M21

- Galaxy M21s

- Galaxy M22

- Galaxy M31

- Galaxy M31 Prime Edition

- Galaxy M51

- Galaxy M31s