Best Settings to Run Back 4 Blood Smoothly on Old and New PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to optimize Back 4 Blood and run it smoothly on your high-end or low-end PC.

So first, we’ll start with some optimization for Windows and after that we will go inside of the game to make sure that you have the proper parameter for this game.


- So let’s start with the Game Mode. Make sure that the Game Mode is ON


- Xbox Game Bar - OFF


- Next, don’t use any overlay the Discord overlay AMD, Nvidia, etc… they are causing stuttering in this game.


- For capture make sure that your Background Recording is at OFF


- Recorded Audio is at OFF


- Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - ON


- Make sure that you have the latest graphics drivers for you PC


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- Next, in power option make sure that you use Balance and High Performance


So now let's go inside of the game.




- Window Mode - Fullscreen


-  Target GPU - Normally, on the desktop PC you will not have this issue but sometimes on a laptop games are getting confused between your GPU and your laptop and your integrated GPU so make sure that you have the good one.

- Screen Resolution - Make sure that you're playing native resolution.


- Anti-Aliasing - I don't use this option in this game I feel like TAA is a bit too blurry. If you don't like Aliasing go with FXAA but when you put the Anti-Aliasing at OFF everything is clear, crystal clear in this game.


- Motion Blur - OFF


- Chromatic Aberration - OFF


- Adaptive FX Quality - OFF


- Field Of View - OFF


- VSync  - I have a free sync monitor So I don't need it but if you have Vsync or Gsync put your Vsync OFF. If you don't like tearing then definitely go with ON with your Vsync but you will create some input lag.


- Limit FPS - CUSTOM and the next parameter put 168.


- Quality - CUSTOM




- Post Processing Quality - LOW


- Texture Quality - EPIC (this depends on your Vram)


- Effects Quality - LOW


- Shadow Quality - MEDIUM


- Foliage Quality - MEDIUM






- Graphic API - Directx 11


- Sharpening - FidelityFX


- Resolution Scale - 100%