Best Settings to Run Diablo II Resurrected Smoothly on PC

In this article, we’ll going to show you the best settings to Diablo II Resurrected smoothly on low-end or high end PC.


So the first thing that I recommend is to activate (ON) your Game Mode.


Xbox Game Bar - OFF (it's causing stuttering).


After that for capture make sure that Background Recording is at OFF and Recorded Audio is at OFF.


Next, if you have an Nvidia 1000 series or above then make sure to active Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling.


Next, make sure to upgrade your graphics driver.


Next, make sure that you are using balance or high performance on the desktop or laptop PC.


Now, let’s go to the Graphic Settings.



Display mode - Fullscreen


Resolution - I recommend playing native.

Resolution Scale - 100


Sharpening - 6


Vertical Sync - if you're using freesync, g-sync then don't check it and if you don't have those technology and you don't like tearing when you're playing a game definitely check this one.

Graphic Preset - Custom


Best Settings, Diablo II, Resurrected, Run Smoothly, PC

Texture Quality - if you have like 3GB of ram and more you can definitely play at Very High and Anisotropic Filtering - 16x. If you have like a 2GB video card go at high and 8x and if you are less than that definitely go medium and 4x or you can do low and 2x. So make sure that Anisotropic Filtering is following your texture quality.


Ambient Occlusion Quality - Medium

Character Detail - High


Environment Detail - Medium


Transparency Quality - Medium


Shadow Quality - Medium


Anti Aliasing - Off


Dynamic Resolution Scaling - Don't use this option 


VFX Lighting Quality - Low


So that's about it for the Diablo II Resurrected guide.